Quotation1 Your Royal Highness would be fine. Or, Princess Pythia, or the greatest Serpent Queen in the World, or just Pythia. Captain just sounds so... formal. Plus, it implies war, and I am so not for that. Quotation2
Pythia on how she wanted to be addressed

Pythia Adalinda [she/her] in the daughter of the Serpent Queen in the Singing Springing Lark.

A genuinely sweet, idealistic girl aligned with the Royals, Pythia's excited to follow her destiny. Even though she has no interest in kidnapping a handsome prince, she still wants to inherit her crown and throne and recieve all the gifts that are supposed to be given to her by the protagonist of the tale.

Despite inheriting a villainous destiny, Pythia thinks herself as noble and righteous. As a Student Council member, a feminist, and the daughter of a lesbian couple, Pythia pushes for more equality in the world. Strongly opinionated and always speaking her mind, the princess strongly demonstrates her position as a social activism-minded leader.



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  • genuinely sweet, with an impulsive & haughty edge. 
  • although a villain-by-name, neither she or her family count as a villain-by-nature
  • views herself as a hero/saviour/positive force
  • hates any sort of negativity, especially to herself & her morals, hence she finds it really hard to accept criticism
  • idealistic. way too idealistic.
  • probably Bernie Sanders.
  • although she knows that "being kind" is not an ultimate end-all solution, Pythia frequently pushes for positivity. Even at times when one sohuldn't be positive.
  • super super big on honour. kinda ties in with the anti-negativity-towards-herself thing. Pythia adores her kingdom/is a bit of a patriot
  • very competitive and righteous. will defend her points to the end.
  • feels a little guilty for her high position as a queen: wants to use her leadership role to make a difference rather than exploiting her privilege. HOWEVER, pythia also does enjoy the benefits she gets from being royalty, and feels a lil conflicted. 
  • thinks she's self-aware; not that self-aware; can be more self-aware


Pythia has brown skin, and wide, dark ambery-purple eyes. She's rather short and cute-looking, with round cheeks and dimples.

Her hair, which is so dark that it looks purple, is incredibly curly and volatile. She likes to keep it neat and tidy with pigtails and headbands in her daily/basic outfits, but in special occasions, will hold it in with crowns and pins.

She carries herself with energy and laughter. Pythia's natural sweetness reflects in her actions, but sometimes a little too forcefully, so she comes off as bold and maybe a bit over-confident as well.

Hobbies & InterestsEdit

From her extra-curriculars, it is obvious that Pythia is a very politics-minded princess.

Student CouncilEdit




Model UNEdit


Fairy tale – The Singing Springing LarkEdit

How it GoesEdit

eh I'll summarise it properly later

How does Pythia come into it?Edit

The serpent princess turned out to be more interested in the blue chicks rather than the prince. For this reason, I decided to make a pun and have her more into chicks.

Pythia is the daughter of the villainous princess, and is destined to be enchanted into a snake, fight a lion prince, and kidnap him.

Opinion On DestinyEdit

she chill fam





Pythia’s mother is the antagonist from the Singing Springing Lark. Pythia's mother had realised long ago that she was more into chicks than princes, and only enjoyed fulfilling her destiny because she never got the prince in the end. Her other mother is an ordinary princess who was not destined for anyone in particular. Her parents met at Ever After High, during a time where same-sex relationships in the fairytale world were meant to be kept secret. 

However, that did not stop the two princesses from continuing their relationship. After graduation, they started to fill in adoption forms and stuff until they got Pythia, but after seven years, the princess had to go follow her destiny. After the destiny was done, the two finally got married and it was the best happily ever after ever.

Pythia is incredibly close to both her parents. She calls her mother whose destiny she is following "mum", and the other "mama". Her mum is supportive over Pythia's choice of being a Royal, despite admitting that if she were in Ever After High during the conflict, she would have sided with the Rebels.

Pythia doesn't not talk to her aunts on her mama's side of the family though. Her mama says it's because of personal reasons. Pythia thinks otherwise.

On being an only child~Edit

Although sweet, Pythia was a very spoilt child. Her mum, who used to be a dragon, was always a hoarder, and tended to buy extravagent things from faraway countries that hardly served any use. 

The trade paths of her mothers' kingdom was rich, full of merchants and trinkets. This was mainly due to her mother's obsession with shiny and precious accessories. Whenever Pythia wanted something – whether that was another golden bangle or the latest Tailor Quick album, she could always get it.

Pythia never had to fight with siblings or compete for attention, or anything. Her mothers' attentions were always focused on her – the perfect princess, the future queen, and their precious daughter.

In conclusion, Pythia has always gotten what she wanted. That had led to a strange sense of entitlement within the girl. If she couldn't get something, she would fight for it, thus resulting in her ambitious and determined behaviour.

Extended FamilyEdit

Pythia doesn't know them. She doesn't care to know them. All she knows is that they refuse to even talk to, or acknowledge her mothers, and Pythia believes she doesn't need anyone like that in her life.


Pythia likes to make friends with the villains, because then she can plot pranks and pull off mildly-evil schemes with them. Apart from villains, she likes to hang out with sidekicks or secondary characters, as she finds their jokes hilarious.

Bastion FanfarinetEdit

Family friends; childhood friends; both from politicial families; spent their childhoods reenacting historical events with Barbie dolls; spend their teenage years in the same Premier Debating Team.

Liode Von RothbartEdit

One of her many friends is Liode Von Rothbart, mainly because they enjoy plotting pranks together and talking at length about evil stuff. She usually pulls huge and dramatic pranks with Liode, and with the two being part of important destinies – Liode being of Swan Lake, and Pythia being of a Grimm's tale, the two are never hexpelled for any of their shenanigans, they just get angry letters to their parents from the Headmaster about their pranks.


Pythia has a bearded-dragon named (name here). (name here) is currently unnamed because im trying to think of a more clever name.


Not any yet?


Nah. Pythia's ace-aro.



Pythia's Outfits
Pythia full body official

Basic Edit

  • The golden bodice is a reference to the golden dress that is given from the protagonist of the tale to the antagonist.
  • Same applies with Pythia's golden jewellery. Pythia is also very fond of fancy accessories which is why she wears them.
  • Her bracelet on the right arm is designed to look like a serpent coiling around her arm.
  • The pattern on the skirt and the sneakers are snake-scales – referring to how the Serpent Princess is transformed into... well, a serpent.
  • Same applies to her serpent headband.
  • The feathers hanging on her belt and off her shoulders are a reference to the blue birds that are gifted to the Serpent Princess at the end of the story.
Pythia legacy day

Legacy Day Edit

Pythia has inherited her mother's dress, crown, shoes and cape, and has made literally no changes at all to her ensemble, because she thought any changes unnecessary.

Her hair is tied into a side bun, and topped with her mother's crown, consisting of a gold and blue headpiece with a jade-carved snake slipping between the bars of the crown. She wears foundation and eyeliner, as well as dark plum lipstick.

The dress is sleeveless with a short skirt. Across the top and in the middle, there is scales patterning in golden and blue respectively. Hanging from the middle of the dress, there is pink sheer fabric that's transparent and falls around Pythia's legs.

Over her dress, Pythia wears a dark purple cape, with a lighter-purple feathered collar.

Pythia's shoes are heels, with a dark green sole with scales patterning, and porcelain snakes that wind around her legs. Embedded are tiny rubies for the snakes' eyes.

Pythia getting fairest sketch

Getting Fairest Edit

Only a sketch because I don't feel like colouring the actual thing.

IMG 0969-1-

Designed by the lovely ArtemisDonut! :D

Thronecoming Edit

In the words of ArtemisDonut, who designed this magnificient dress:

"Her top is a light green-ish with darker green snakeskin patterns, representing, y'know the serpent she will turn into. Her skirt is a ball-gown style skirt that barely dusts the floor. It is golden-colored, repsenting the golden dress. Sprouting from her waist is a layer of blue feathers for the blue birds. There is a loop of snakes near the bottom of her skirt. Towards the middle is a motif of a broken heart formed by snakes, as Pythia will break two lover's hearts. Her collar is made completley out of realistic looking snakes. Her shoes are trimmed with blue feathers. Her curly hair is up in an elegant bun, some strands are strategically loose. Her mask is outlined with slithering snakes, and trimmed with a few blue feathers, focusing mainly on the snakes."


Royally Ever After Edit


Pythia Adalinda Dragon Games-No BG

designed by the lovely Jade!

Dragon GamesEdit

done by Jade-the-Tiger


she hasn't said anything quotable recently >:(


  • "Pythia" is a reference to pythons (a type of snake); "Adalinda" means noble serpent.


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