Pythia Adalinda [she/her] in the daughter of the Serpent Queen in the Singing Springing Lark.

Although granted a villainous destiny, Pythia does not think of herself as a villain in any sort of way. As a member of student government and an active, politically-minded princess, Pythia pushes for progress... no matter how performative it may be.



Despite inheriting a villainous destiny, Pythia thinks herself as noble and righteous. As a Student Council member, a feminist, and the daughter of a lesbian couple, Pythia pushes for more equality in the world. Strongly opinionated and always speaking her mind, the princess strongly demonstrates her position as a social activism-minded leader.

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  • genuinely sweet, with an impulsive & haughty edge. 
  • although a villain-by-name, neither she or her family count as a villain-by-nature
  • views herself as a hero/saviour/positive force
  • hates any sort of negativity, especially to herself & her morals, hence she finds it really hard to accept criticism
  • idealistic. way too idealistic.
  • probably Bernie Sanders.
  • although she knows that "being kind" is not an ultimate end-all solution, Pythia frequently pushes for positivity. Even at times when one sohuldn't be positive.
  • super super big on honour. kinda ties in with the anti-negativity-towards-herself thing. Pythia adores her kingdom/is a bit of a patriot
  • very competitive and righteous. will defend her points to the end.
  • feels a little guilty for her high position as a queen: wants to use her leadership role to make a difference rather than exploiting her privilege. HOWEVER, pythia also does enjoy the benefits she gets from being royalty, and feels a lil conflicted. 
  • thinks she's self-aware; not that self-aware; can be more self-aware


Pythia has brown skin, and wide, dark ambery-purple eyes. She's rather short and cute-looking, with round cheeks and dimples.

Her hair, which is so dark that it looks purple, is incredibly curly and volatile. She likes to keep it neat and tidy with pigtails and headbands in her daily/basic outfits, but in special occasions, will hold it in with crowns and pins.

She carries herself with energy and laughter. Pythia's natural sweetness reflects in her actions, but sometimes a little too forcefully, so she comes off as bold and maybe a bit over-confident as well.

Hobbies & InterestsEdit

From her extra-curriculars, it is obvious that Pythia is a very politics-minded princess.

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Fairy tale – The Singing Springing LarkEdit

How it GoesEdit

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How does Pythia come into it?Edit

The serpent princess turned out to be more interested in the blue chicks rather than the prince. For this reason, I decided to make a pun and have her more into chicks.

Pythia is the daughter of the villainous princess, and is destined to be enchanted into a snake, fight a lion prince, and kidnap him.

Opinion On DestinyEdit

A genuinely sweet, idealistic girl aligned with the Royals, Pythia's excited to follow her destiny. Even though she has no interest in kidnapping a handsome prince, she still wants to inherit her crown and throne and recieve all the gifts that are supposed to be given to her by the protagonist of the tale.




Quotation1 Your Royal Highness would be fine. Or, Princess Pythia, or the greatest Serpent Queen in the World, or just Pythia. Captain just sounds so... formal. Plus, it implies war, and I am so not for that. Quotation2
Pythia on how she wanted to be addressed


  • "Pythia" is a reference to pythons (a type of snake); "Adalinda" means noble serpent.
    • Pythius was also the name of a Lydian king, and hence the name Pythia could be seen as a suitably royal name.
  • In real-world terms, Pythia would be from Ulm, Germany.
    • Ulm is a city traditionally known for industry and economy - a perfect fit for a kingdom based around trade.