Character Profile
Parent Story Any.
Age 10
Alignment Royal! YEAH B**HES!
Roommate Me? My little sis.
Secret Heart's Desire None,Couldnt care..*blushes* a good Role-player
My "Magic" Touch I play the Trumpet professionaly and in the School Band
Storybook Romance Status Im dating a boy called Aidan,he keeps looking at my boobs though.
Oh "Curses!" Moments Never.
Favourite Subject None,hate school.
Least Favourite Subject All of them.
Best Friends Forever After My Posey

PumpkinPieLover, better known as CrackleCrazyDrawer10 and Evie is a part of the Ever After High fandom.

Favourite YoutubersEdit

  • Danisnotonfire (Dan)
  • AmazingPhil    (Phil)
  • Casper           (Casper)
  • KickThePj       (PJ)
  • Smosh   (Ian and Anthony)

Original Characters.Edit

  •  Maci-Go-RoundDaughter of the Sadistic Nursery Rhyme The Merry-Go-Round

Story WorkEdit

  • Inception we invented that Conception (Song and Story)


Email: ,,

DeviantArt:' CrackleCrazyDrawer10'

Pesterchum: knifesbearsBlood

Favourite SongsEdit

1.It changes.

2.It changes

3.Frozen-Fixer Upper

4.Lana Del Ray-Videogames

5.Estelle-American Boy 

6.3OH!3-My First Kiss

7.The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows 



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