Pixie Bell
Pixie Bell
Character Profile
Parent Story Peter and Wendy
Age 16
Alignment Neutral
Roommate To be added
Secret Heart's Desire To be added
My "Magic" Touch I am a fairy, pixie dust whenever I need it with all the benefits that come from it.
Storybook Romance Status What? I don't have a crush on anyone...
Oh "Curses!" Moments When somebody tells a teacher I'm dealing fairy dust, totally not cool.
Favourite Subject To be added
Least Favourite Subject To be added
Best Friends Forever After Pete Pan

This is a WIP

Pixie Bell is the successor to Tinker Bell. She deals fairy dust to other students at school, however this is against the School Rules and she often gets into trouble for it. She's a neutral because she doesn't really care much for her legacy, but doesn't think it's so awful being young forever.



Pixie Bell often has mood swings, this is because as a fairy she is too small to feel more than one emotion at a time.


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Fairy tale – Peter and WendyEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

How do they come into it?Edit

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family stuff


Her best friend is Pete Pan. They call eachother business associates, but really, they're just best friends. They've been that since they've both been alive.


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She has a secret crush on her best friend Pete.



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Legacy DayEdit

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Getting FairestEdit


  • Her subjects include: Geografairy, Environmental Magic, Grimm-nastics, Muse-ic and Magicology.


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  • 1 July 2014: Her page is created

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