Hello, I am Pinky62111! :3 

How I found EAHEdit

Well, I was catching up on a YouTube series, when I saw an ad for Ever After High. After watching my video, I investigated on EAH. At first, I didn't like it too much and thought it was ripping off this book I have read (School for Good and Evil. SGE), but I still found it interesting so I looked into it more.

I remember as I was watching the webisodes I thought, "Yeah, I'm never going to create an OC for this." Well that didn't goon for long xD

My favorite characters so far are:

  1. Madeline Hatter
  2. Raven Queen
  3. Cerise(sp?) (Daughter of Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wold)

Where you can find me~Edit

I am pretty much EVERYWHERE! But here's a list of places you can find me:

  1. deviantART
  2. Facebook
  3. Tumblr

My EAH OCsEdit

  1. Annette

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