Pia Danser is the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

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Pia is a bundle of excitement and enthusiasm, hungry for action! Romance! Drama!™  and also hungry for whatever she feels like cooking up that day. A natural maternal type, Pia is prone to taking care of everyone and anyone who crosses her path, using food to show her love and how much she cares for someone.

She tends to be a little self-loathing, however, as once it came out that there was a rebellion, she was immediately upset with herself. She feels she could have started the rebellion sooner and saved some of her sisters the trouble of going through with a destiny they don't want. For that, she will never forgive herself.

Besides that though, Pia is energetic, and has an insatiable thirst for life and dancing. Her bright and cheerful demeanor has a habit of cheering up even the gloomiest of students. She loves to make really bad jokes and puns, and almost always cracks herself up doing so. She has a terribly punny sense of humor.


Wild curls, and a big body are the tell tale signs that you're talking to Pia. She's plump, or as some people so kindly put it, fat. This doesn't stop her from dancing though, far from it. In fact, she makes it her goal to prove that fat girls can dance just as well as skinny girls, and that fat doesn't automatically mean unhealthy.

Her curls are dark brown and are often tamed back into a bun. Her hazel eyes almost always sparkle with laughter and mirth, since she's seemingly always happy. She's black, but is on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Fairy tale: The Twelve Dancing PrincessesEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

12 princesses bamboozle their daddy until this soldier shows up and finds out where they're going at night and then he marries the oldest and becomes king.



Anna Danser - her mother, she was very close with her; her mother died during childbirth while having Pia's youngest sister.

Leopold Danser - Pia's father, he loves his daughters dearly but often doesn't know how to put it into words.

Crystal, Mary, Sammy, Beth, Laney, Delilah, Gwen, Lily, Rose, Elsie and Katie Danser - Pia's sisters that will take part in her destiny with her.


Griselle Damgaard - bae

Ivy Bean - other bae

Ava Adarna - other bae


20 Great Pyrenees dogs, 15 are hunting dogs, 5 are straight up pets.


Pia is single, but that hasn't stopped her from getting crushes on a couple shapeshifting birds (*cough cough* Grisey *cough cough* Ava)


  • She often bothers her dad for new dance shoes.
  • Her sisters mean the world to her

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