Quotation1 My head is as big as a pea. Quotation2
Petunia being Petunia

Petunia Pea is the royal daughter of the princess and the pea. She's normally smart, but has days when she's a complete airhead with a brain the size of a pea. She enjoys cooking.

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She is a genius in hiding, who loves cooking. She tries to hide her smarts, but occasionally fails. This happens most in her favorite class. Her least favorite class is Grimm-mastics due to her hate of pants and shorts.


She has shoulder length, curly, brown hair that is kept out of her face by a yellow bow. She is average sized and has large green eyes.

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She has a warm relationship with her mom but she has a strange relationship with her dad.


She hangs out with Apple White and the rest of the royal crew.

She has also struck up an unusual friendship with Duck Girl, who has a secret of her smartness along with both being princesses.


She has a pet dog named Pea.


She has a big crush on Sparrow Hood, and doesn't try to hide it.



It's an all green ensemble with a yellow bow acting as a belt.

Legacy DayEdit

She would wear a long green with white polka dots. At the bottom are ruffles that mimic the mermaid style.


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  • Her name is something of a pun. It is supposed to sound like Pea-tunia, therefore a pun emerges
  • She is a joint OC made by Emmarainbow432 and a relative


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