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Pennelopea Pod in Briar's Study Party

Pennelopea Pod is the daughter of the Princess in the story, The Princess and The Pea. She is aware of everything around her, for it might hurt her. She knows that in her destiny she's gonna face dark and stormy nights, most importantly the "pea".                                   



Knowing that she is going to face through hard times in her destiny, Pennelopea tries to survive each moment of her life. Pennelopea is always out there for other fellow pupils. One would be hearing encouraging words from her because she does not give up herself.


Pennelopea has blone hair with green highlights. Two peas on top of a short ponytail,above shoulder level. She has purple-blue eyes and light pink lipstick. Below her eyes are four birthmarks which represent peas. Her outfit is mainly green with a mini jacket on top of it all. Her top is a mixture of two differnet types of green and her dress is two layered. The top is feather-look-a-like green-colored and the bottom is in a green plaid pattern.

Fairy Tale

Main article: The Princess and The Pea

Name: Her first name ends with "pea"(Pennelopea) and her last name is Pod since peas come in pods so I thought I'd just make her last name Pod.



The Princess from The Princess and The Pea is the mother of Pennelopea Pod.


Briar Beauty, Apple White, Blondie Lockes. I call it the "Royal Pod".


I'm not sure which one could be useful and comforting to be with.


Not interested. I think I'll just wait for my destiny.



Pennelopea wears a two-layered dress with a mini jacket on top.

Legacy Day

Coming Soon


"We've got to stick together like peas in a pod."

"Not giving up now!"

"Light will shine through at dark times"

Mirror Blog

     briar beauty  told me there's a true hearts day party. not that im intrested , but all of the "royal pod" this party gonna be a pageripper!  oh hex! i just  hope that i dont stumble into a pea to early but if i do girl you gotta bring it on!