Penelope Pea is the daughter of the Princess and the Prince from the story, The Princess and the Pea.



Penelope is a very sensitive and gentle girl who wants to follow her mother's footsteps and marry her future prince charming. Penelope is kind and caring, she gives alot of people advice and she's quite clever. She is very shy sometimes and she often overhears alot of people. She dislikes noise and loudness alot and she is sometimes impatient. Penelope loves the rain, unlike her mother. She also likes reading alot of books.


Penelope has long blonde hair and light green eyes. She has light skin color and her height is simillar to Madeline Hatter's.

In her basic she puts light green lipstick and is seen holding a green circle-shaped purse, which is like a pea, and it's handle is blue.



Penelope's hair is loose. She wears a white three-layered dress, the layers are light purple and the layer between them is blue, on top of the dress is a green dress-like clothing, which has blue and light purple pattern lines which are little thick and at the bottom of the dress and the dress's sleeves are puffed, there are small green circles, like peas. She wears light purple socks that reaches the top of her knees, which are folded and the fold is green with one horizontal light green line, the socks has small green circles, also like peas. And she wears light green high heels along with a small light green crown on her head.

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