Quotation1 Do YOU know what time is it? Quotation2
Pearl's personal quote


Personality and Skills

Pearl is nice and calm girl who is far away from madness. But, that's not a good thing. And no good, means terrible. Why, you ask? Well, because she is from Wonderland. Born and raised there but, something went... right, in a way.

Like all wonderlandians, Pearl has access to wonderlandian magic and her especial touch is her ability to create rabbit in the middle of the air. They can teleport her, and whoever she brings along, to anywhere.

She is also very friendly with Alices (that is how she, and a lot of wonderlandians, call non-wonderlandians) and is fun to be around.

An important note is that she really won't follow her legacy, unlike Maddie and Kitty who are also Rebels. This causes a great conflict.


Pearl is, to all efects, white. Of course, how would the daugther of the White Rabbit be? Anyway, she has mid-back long white curls tied in a half ponytail on the top of her head and light red eyes. 

Original StoryEdit

Check here for the story and here for the character.

From the White Rabbit to PearlEdit

  • She got her father's obsession with punctuality. But she actually succeeds.
  • She has one clock that once belonged to him.



Pearl's relationship with her family is conturbed. She is the eldest of a lot, as she says, and has a weird bond with them as they help her be madder and she bakes to them.

Her relationship with her father is... different. He disaproves his daughter's insistence in being normal and doesn't understand her camlness as he seems to be always nervous. Same with her mother.


Being the sweetheart she is, Pearl has a lot of friends. None of them from Wonderland, though. She has a terrible relationship with the other girls as she is too normal and now because she won't follow her legacy (Lizzie actually tried to have her beheaded). 


Being an animal, it wouldn't be right for her to have a pet.


Has no interest for now, she just wants to make up her future.

==Outfit ==


Her normal (no pun intented) attire is a white skirt with a light pink blouse and white suspenders. She also wears white high heels and a bunny-ears hairband. Her skirt and blouse are decorated with clocks and she has a big one as a collar.

Legacy Day

In Legacy Day she wears a white dress with a blue jacket over it and light blue high heels. Her hair is down.


Quotation1 I should move to Neverland. No need to be mad, no physics, no gravity... Quotation2
Pearl talking with the Hook twins about moving

Quotation1 You people need to calm down, get down the rabbit hole. Quotation2
Pearl calming someone down

Quotation1 I like cake as a rabbit whole. Quotation2
Pearl when asked if she prefers ice cream cake or cheesecake


  • She was born at April 18.
  • Her favorite food is cake. All types of cake.
  • The wonderlandian girls nicknamed her Cub of Normal.

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