Quotation1 If you just sit around and don't take risks, what will you gain? Quotation2
Pearl speaking about adventures.

Pearl Pan is the daughter of Peter Pan from Peter Pan.

Character Edit


Pearl Pan is kind and loyal, but only to her friends. When she sticks up for her friends, she will do it in an immature way. She is a Rebel because she believes others should be able to choose their Happily Ever After, although she likes her destiny. She also thinks that Peter Pan would be a Rebel. Pearl is a very immature girl and is also stubborn.


Pearl has black hair.

Fairy tale –Peter PanEdit

How The Story GoesEdit

To summarize, Peter Pan is a boy who lives in Neverland.

How Does Pearl Fit Into It?Edit

Once Peter Pan finished his story, magic gave him a child so the tale would continue.



Pearl is ver close to her father, Peter Pan.


Pearl's BFFA is T. Ringer.


Pearl has a pet crocodile named Danger.


Pearl isn't really into that kind of thing.


Pearl has two main outfits:


Pearl wears her black hair down. She has green shorts with a leaf design. She wears a green short-sleeved shirt also with a leaf design. She does not wear shoes.

Legacy DayEdit

Pearl wears the same thing, except her shorts are pants, and she wears a small green leaf cap.

Getting FairestEdit



  • If Pearl had a theme song, it would be Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen.


"I will never ever ever not have fun and be adventurous! Never ever!"

See Pearl More AtEdit


  • Pearl's birthday is April 1st.


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