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Heyo! This is my driver page! PearlStarLight in the house, yo! I'm on this wiki to share my OCs and webisode ideas starring them. Thanks to this page, you can see all of the OCs and webisodes I've written in one place.

OCs Edit

Royals Edit

Sabrina Apprentice Edit

Daughter of the Sorcerer's Apprentice, Sabrina is a mischievous girl who wants to fully learn her magic.

Lilly Weightless Edit

Daughter of the Light Princess, Lilly is happy-go-lucky but hides her sensitivity to prevent her curse from being broken prematurely.

Clarabelle King Edit

Daughter of Clara...

Rebels Edit

George Makemnoit Edit

Son of Princess Makemnoit, George is rather reasonable and reserved. He desires a story that isn't compared to Sleeping Beauty's Evil Fairy.

Roybels Edit

Paul Thumb Edit

Son of Tom Thumb, Paul Thumb is a true prankster who embraces some aspects on his tale, but wants to change the rest to suit his morals.

Neutrals Edit

Hoi Chi.Ke Edit

Daughter of Cam, Hoi doesn't really like her destiny. However, she is extremely cynical about the destiny conflict, believing that it won't cause change that will last long.

Upcoming OCs Edit

Royals Edit

Rebels Edit

Storm Reks Edit

Son of a Pirate from Captain Hook's crew.

Roybels Edit

Nearly Lost Edit

Son of Slightly, one of Never Land's Lost Boys.

Neutrals Edit

Lazuli Starsplash Edit

Daughter of a Never Land Fairy.

Webisodes Edit

Okay, this one is a work in progress, but I am going to be writing a transcript for Never Camp (TV Special).

Diaries Edit

I have two diaries started (there are more on the way):