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Pearce Pan

same name. It was written by J.M. Barrie and turned into a novel version of the play in 1911.

Pearce is a very enthusiastic, energetic and exciting. Though he may not appear it, but he is actually over 100 years old due to his home being in Neverland.

He was created by Jackie Pumpkin on DeviantART



Pearce is overly energetic, childish, optimistic and an exciting person. He is usually over-positive in bad situations and tries to show the best of things. He personally likes to fly around, playing practical jokes, or just plain childish games acting as a class clown.


Pearce has dark brown hair and lightly tanned skin. Most of his attire is green, usually accompanied with feathers, leaves or twig accessories. He is quite tall for his age (technically) and has emerald green eyes.

Fairy Tale StoryEdit

Peter PanEdit

In 1904, Scottish Play writer, J.M. Barrie, wrote Peter and Wendy or Peter Pan. In 1911, it was released in a novel form of the original play. Years later, in 2006, and official sequel was released called, Peter Pan in Scarlet.

The Story's twistEdit

When Peter returned to Wendy's home in the ending of Peter Pan, he became mad and upset that Wendy had betrayed by growing up and having children. Unable to take her back with him, instead, he found Wendy's daughter, who was always told the fairy-tale of Peter Pan. Her daughter agreed to go with Peter to Neverland, and left her mother to watch as she flew away.

When her daughter arrived, she found the Lost Boys, Tinker-bell and Captain Hook existed, along with whom she thought was also a Lost Boy. She found Peter Pan's son, Pearce.



Pearce is the son of Peter Pan, but it is unknown who his mother is.


Pearce has two very close companions. Perdido, the son of a Lost boy and close friend from Neverland, and Winter Frost. Though, Pearce finds it hilarious that Winter won't admit to having him as a friend, so he just toys with her about it.


Pearce has a crush on a girl but he hasn't told his father yet.


  • The names Peter and Pearce have the same meaning-'rock'- and 'Pearce' is a variation of 'Peter'.
  • Pearce fly's just about everywhere, usually causing havoc wherever he goes (in a fun way).
  • He has a largely optimistic attitude. Usually when there’s and awkward silence, he ruins the moment.

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