Quotation1 How does Briar manage to fall asleep so fast? If only i was her... Quotation2

I am Peaobe Madras, but you can call me Sweetpea. I am the daughter of the Princess from the Princess and the Pea. 





Peaobe is like many other royals, she pledged to follow her destiny. She loves the thought of being a princess but there is one problem; she is an insomniac. No matter how hard she tries, how many mattresses she uses, she never gets any sleep. She is trying to find the problem to those sleepless nights but its all the uncomfortable springs. Headmaster Grimm wont do anything about it. 


Peaobe has black hair, green eyes, a pale skin tone, and red lips. 


How it GoesEdit

A Girl is found outside in the rain and is put to sleep on 40 mattresses with a pea under the second to last mattress. She could not sleep the entire night since the pea bothered her skin. It is then found out she is a real princess and she marries a prince.



The Queen of PeanstinEdit

The Queen is her mother, who was the Princess before her. 

The King of PeanstinEdit

The King is her father, who was the Prince who married her mother. 


Peaobe is friends with many of the Royals, mainly Liebby Macht , Bridgette Eselein, and Lorelei Jammerbugten

Romance Edit

Peaobe has a bit of a crush on Daring Charming


She has a pet owl she talks to during the night named Snowpea. 


Theme SongEdit

It would Be Mostly Like Blank Space by Taylor Swift... Because her Mother meet the Prince as Said in The First words of The Song "Nice to Meet You".


  • Her name is based off the name Pheobe
  • Madras means Mattress in Danish


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