Pat, follow Dad's story. Get your happily ever after. That's what I'm doing.

Name: Patrick Horrinious Pan

Fairy tale parent: Peter Pan

Royal or Rebel: Royal. I do feel the slightest felling of awkwardness when saying that.

Roommate: Dexter Charming.

Friends: Dexter Charming, Pat Pan, my sister.


Appearence: Red hair, Green top and Blue jeans, green cap, Dark red weatshirt, Black Convers.

Love intrest: I have a small crush on Falcon Hood. OKAY!!!! A HUGE crush on her. *Rubbs back of neck*

Secret Hearts Desire: I really want to be a singer when I'm out of school. When I do sing, the ladies say I sound like Ed Sheeran. Even when I talk I sound like him!


Patrick would be played by Ed Sheeran in the webisodes and in Live-Action!
Ed Sheeran Performs On Walmart Soundcheck Risers - January 2013

Patrick would be played by Ed Sheeran in live action and in the webisodes.

Personality: I tend to let loose, only a few times, and be a bit more calm than Dad. Pat seems to enjoy it. I also sing for the girls. I believe I caught ones eye better than the others..... (Hint hint)

Extra: I have a "GAY" sister!!!! (Shudders)

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