We should just chop up the book and re-write our own stories. We don't have to be our parents. -Pat Pan

Name: Patricia Pan. Pat for short.

Fairytale Parent: Peter Pan.

Royal or Rebel: I'm a rebel! Gosh! I mean, do I look like I wanna fight pirates? I want to be their friend, not their enemy.

Friends: Cerise Hood, Raven Queen, Maddie Hatter, Jake Hook, Esmee (She doesn't tell Jane ,AKA She Hook, that), and Rolana Candlewick.

Enemies: All Royals. Too bossy.

Roommate: Cerise Hood, so far. Might change.

PORTRAYER ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the webisodes and in live action.

If Pat Could be Played by anyone, It would be....

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Interviews

Bella Thorne would make a great Pat Pan. Pat would be played by Bella Thorne because she has that spunky, optimistic, and adorkable voice.


Basic: Green, long-sleeved shirt with black skulls, Black skort, Blue knee-high boots, Green beanie, red hair that it shoulder length.

Romance: I'm don't want to be gay or anything but I have a teeny, tiny, little crush on Miranda-Melissa Cent. I don't want to be gay, okay!!

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