Quotation1 I pledge to perish by fire and then be reborn again. Quotation2
Pajaro, The Tale of Legacy Day

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Pajaro is friendly to everyone around him, no matter what they are related to, independent (much to his sister's disappointment), reliable, and empathetic.

Appearance Edit

Pajaro's hair and eye colors are identical to his sister's, but he's 5'3 instead of 5'1.

Fairy tale – Fairy Tale Name Here Edit

How the Story Goes Edit

How does Pajaro come into it? Edit

Pajaro and sister are the twin children of the Phoenix from the story.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Father: The Phoenix from The Phoenix Bird

Sister: Phoebe

Pet Edit

Smoke, my pet Phoenix

Outfits Edit

Basic Edit

Pajaro wears a pair of yellow pants with flames on them, a red t-shirt, and a pair of black military boots.

Legacy Day Edit


Getting Fairest Edit

Notes Edit

  • Pajaro and Phoebe, like C.A. Cupid and Angelica, are MH/EAH crossovers.
  • Birthday: May 8th
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Favorite Food: I don't really have one...
  • Hobbies: Flying
  • Likes & Dislikes: Crystal and my sister; Phoebe's overbearing tendency

Quotes Edit

  • "Fire always beats ice, except when it comes to you." -Pajaro to Crystal, Random Episode

Gallery Edit

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