'Our Little Night' is a fanfiction wrote by Clawdeen Ghoul.


'Is this your actual first sleepover, Ricks?' Natalie said whilst braiding her hair.

'Yes, but I will get used to them' Rickie replied whilst texting on her phone.

'How's your family been?' Natalie brought up, not knowing what happened two days ago.

'My mum died and Dad is still hitting me.' Rickie replied with two tears running dwn her face.

Natalie went up and hugged her, 'I love you and you have kept strong and I am sorry for your loss'.

Rickie hugged back and said 'You've always been there for me'

Natalie replied 'and I always will be'

Whilst hugging they both looked at each other, faces close together. Rickie leaned in for a kiss and Natalie let her, feeling her lips against Rickie's felt like a dream. Rickie opened her eyes and Natalie they both were shocked but felt happy and went to do it again. The night went on, they kept doing stuff like watching movies and everything.

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