Quotation1 I-I have no problem with committing a murder... Quotation2
Orca mutters in a morbid yet soft tone o.o

Orcarina Havfrue is the revived version of Tritonia Havfrue and is the somewhat sheepish and socially awkward daughter of the Little Mermaid. She is a neutral due to not wanting to be caught up in the whole conflict between alignments. She is also genderqueer and goes by they/them/their or she/her pronouns, but honestly goes by whatever, too (I will be switching from the xe, they, and she pronouns when explaining her personality).

She is an original character of Pippy McScissors.


To put it off simple, Orcarina is shy. She would stutter at times when she is nervous, and this causes others to tease her sometimes. Orca can come off as socially awkward, too. This causes her to be less active in social activities and react in a rather eccentric way to questions involving friends and such. Her eccentric demeanour is also a subject of other students constantly teasing her (along with her weight). Honestly though, Orca could care less of what others seem to think about her. She seems to do things in her own special and capricious way.

Due to being shy, Orca is often walked on and taken advantage of. This gives her a rather 'passive' angle. She often submits to being taken advantage of but is really indifferent about it. She doesn't mind, though, but being walked on has given her time to think about possible comebacks. Oh yeah, she is secretly a scary and cutthroat witch. What are the odds???? Of course, being walked on has also left an effect on her. If anyone were to converse with her in a non-active and demanding way, Orca will flip. She's so used to being passive that she forgot how actual conversations are suppose to work! Oh yeah, she's not too talkative.

Along with shyness and passive angles, Orcarina is quite intelligent and polite. She always looks out for little details for she believes that they will be important later on. She usually greets the teachers and is often viewed as a teacher's pet in some ways. Her intelligence also comes in handy if there is a certain situation that requires the mind of an amateur detective, such as Orcarina themselves. She pertains to a detective-like nature when completely necessary. Sure, she may stutter and be a bit passive, but she can be quite phlegmatic and reserved. She also has a sense of being civil and does not consult to violence (most of the time).

Orca is a major pacifist. She tries her hardest to try peaceful solutions to end several conflicts, or just tries to stay out of conflict in general. However, this doesn't mean that her thoughts are aggressive.

Interests and hobbiesEdit

Orcarina's hobbies include murder mysteries, mysteries in general, detective stories, riddles, anything that ends with quotation marks, and the mysteries of the ocean.

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