Quotation1 Umm actually, I Don't know how to swim, What? Not all sea witches kids know how to swim Quotation2
Ocean's Embarrassing Secret

Ocean is the daughter of Evil Sea Witch The Main Antagonist Of the Hans Christian Andersen The Little Mermaid


Ocean is the sea witch's daughter. Because of what happened to the little mermaid, The king forced Ocean up to land, Saying that something that caused his daughters only pain and suffer doesn't deserve to be a mermaid and casted a spell on Ocean so if she ever touched the sea's water she would fall ill.


Ocean is nothing like her mother. While her mother is mean spirited and evil. Ocean is Sweet. Ocean is the sweet girl in the group. She's sympathetic and compassionate to others. She loves very passionately and sometimes she can cloud her judgement. Ocean is very naive person and well a variy shy person


Ocean has light purple skin, dark purple hair, she wears a teal dress. And she has black eyes


  • Ocean wasn't meant to be the Little Mermaid, she was meant to be Red Riding Hood daughter and be named Amanda but Fundog2 kept getting The Little Mermaid in her head.
  • Ocean dosen't know how to swim because of being banned from the ocean blue.

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