Quotation1 Can I help you? Quotation2
Ocean's personal quote


Personality and Skills.Edit

Ocean is a happy, loud and crazy sea witch. He is very passionate at whatever he does and usually acts by impulse. Ocean is a witch and that say casts spell like no one else and uses magic frequently, especially teleportation and materalization. Despite their species rivarly, Ocean gets allong with Donzela quite well. He is acquaintances with Raven (even calling her Rae-Rae) from Spell Camp.

Ocean is very noisy and really likes the noise and the uncontrolable. He has an "everything is awesome" vibe and looks everything at the bright side.


Human form: Ocean isn't very different from most boys at EAH, except of course if you discount the fact that he is white. Not normal-person white, his skin color is white. Also, he has long black hair, down to his waist, a beauty mark on his left cheek and yellow eyes. On side-note, his hair is kind of alive and under his control... most of the time.

Original form: He is a black octopus waist-down. 

 Original StoryEdit

Check The Little Mermaid for information.

From the Sea Witch to OceanEdit

  • He inherited his mother magical powers.
  • Also, the gift of persuation.

How Does Ocean Come IntoEdit

Since no one would deriberately have children with her, the Sew Witch had to create herself a child. Once certain of that, she brought Ocean to life.



Ocean Mage is the only son of the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. He is a Royal and is more than happy in following his mother's footsteps.

Ocean is what you can call a momma's boy and their relationship is very close. He really adores his mother and she loves him just as much.


Ocean was a really popular guy down in the sea and is very friendly with everyone. His best friend forever after is the son of The Little Mermaid, Armando Tritan.

Pets Edit

Ocean has a lot of sharks as henchmen (better yet, henchfish) but one of them is really special to him.


Ocean was also really popular with the gill-girls and had a lot girlfriends during life, but for now, he is settled with Donzela.



His normal outfit is a dark purple tuxedo with a black shirt and a dark purple tie and black shoes. 

Legacy DayEdit

Ocean dress his finest in the special day. He has a black tuxedo with a dark purple shirt underneath, a high collar black cape and a big magical sceptre.


Quotation1 My name is Ocean Mage, the next Sea Witch and I'm awesome. Quotation2
Ocean introducing himself
Quotation1 Is a magic staff, okay? Quotation2
Ocean when his staff was called "stick"
Quotation1 That's NOT how you do it! You gotta live the moment! Quotation2
Ocean in Cooking Class-ics about... breaking eggs


  • He has a magic staff and carries around just because.
  • He doesn't need the staff, he just think is cool.
  • Most people are a bit disturbed when first meet him becuase he dress gothic but his personality is brigther than anyone's.
  • He sleeps in an aquarium he casted in the dormroom.
  • Reason Of His Name: Just a pun made with "Sea Witch".
  • He was born at July 8.
  • His favorite food is escargot.

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