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Noire Lamb
Character Profile
Parent The sheep
Parent Story Baa Baa Black Sheep
Powerful Qualities What are your pros
Age 14
Alignment Icon-Rebel Rebel
Roommate Vacant
Secret Heart's Desire I don't want to give my wool away! It goes so well with my eyes!
My "Magic" Touch My wool makes the most fablelous clothes, if I do say so myself! Otherwise, why else would the master, the dame and the little boy down the lane want it?
Storybook Romance Status I'm still looking for the right ram... Or a Prince Charming could work too~
Oh "Curses!" Moments It's always "Noire, have you any wool?" and never "Hey, Noire, how are you feeling today?".
Favorite Subject Princess Design. I may not be a princess, but I can certainly design like one!
Least Favorite Subject Beast Training and Care, for obvious reasons
Best Friends Forever After Unknown

Noire Lamb is the daughter of the Black Sheep from the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. Proud of her beautiful black wool, Noire loves designing clothes featuring her wool. However, she's not in love with the idea of having to give away her wool someday, especially since she likes to brag about how special and spelltacular her wool really is. She is a Rebel because she cannot stand the idea of parting with her wool

She was a community OC, but Grimm Master adopted her~



Noire is a "girly girl" who loves nothing more than designing cute clothes with her wool. In some ways, she can be very selfish as she herself uses her wool for her fashion designs, but gets annoyed when other people try to use her wool. She is quite haughty and proud, and will brag about her wool to anyone who will listen. So, the idea of having to give away her wool to the master, the dame and the little boy down the lane is absolutely horrid to her


Noire is a cute young girl with chubby features and dark skin. She has short curly inky-black hair and warm chocolate brown eyes. She primarily wears darker colors including black, dark grey and browns, and wears plenty of wool and sheep motifs in all of her outfits

Fairytale Edit

Baa-Baa-Black sheep Edit

Find it here

How does Norie come into it? Edit

She is the daughter od the sheep.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She loves her father, but finds him to kind. He just needs to learn to say No.i did anything anyone asked him to do. Even thought that was good, for Noroe could get anything she wants, it also was bad because the would lose things. Her mother died after giving birth to Norie's youngest brother, Nathan. Her siblings are Norah, Nixie, Nick, Natsu, Nina, and Nathan.

Friends Edit

Elizabeth Nimble is good friends with her, for she take ps great care of her. She understands her and her dreams.

Pet Edit

Since she is an animal, a pet is unnessary.

Romance Edit

She is single, but is looking somewhere.

Outfits Edit

Class-ic list Edit


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