Never Ever After
Vital statistics
Author Scary Fairytale Magic
Illustrator Scary Fairytale Magic
Published on 22nd April and Ongoing
Published by [[[]]]
Publication order
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Chapter 1: Once upon a Curse Chapter 2: The Mirror

Never Ever After is a fan fiction written by Scary Fairytale Magic.

When Kitty Cheshire accidentally set free a mysterious dark power the students of Ever After High will start an amazing journey to find the forbidden mirror of wonderland, a item full of ancient magic which can save the school. If not, the fairytale world will be destroyed. Forever After.

The teenage fairy tales will pass throughout famous stories to find and get an item symbolizing each one. Will they made it? Or this story will Never Ever After.


Chapter 1:

The story sets a regular day on Ever After High. Kitty Cheshire explores secret and private doors . She discovers a door covered with golden tree leaves that slowly move. The Cheshire Cat opens the door and finds out that the room is a huge garden floating on the air, full of golden and silver plants. She notices three important items:

    • 1 storybook made of regular tree leaves.
  • A golden key.
  • An unusual storage box.

Meanwhile the students of ever after high are in the Magicology class, studying about a Wonderlandian and other forbidden kinds of magic. The teacher ask them to make a potion inspired from the technique that they learnt during the class. When the royals try to claim up the glory of the rebels, as they made a better potion a fight starts between the different alignment students.

Kitty Cheshire opens the storage box to find out that it included a necklace made of black diamonds. She wore it and then she fell down the floor. The necklace contained a rare curse that makes the magic ink of fairytales disappear forever.

The school starts collapsing after some weeks. The students decide to do something about this.

Chapter 2:

After a visit to Headmaster Grimm's Office the students start searching for Kitty Cheshire. After many hours of searching Madeline Hatter finally sees the golden door. She opens it to find Kitty's shadow lying on the floating floor. The others students reach the garden too and they rescue Kitty before the curse expands more on her.

Kitty wakes up and describes the others her adventure and a nightmare that she saw when she was in a coma. The wonderlandians find out that there is only one think that can break the curse. Sadly the last one has disappeared many years ago and now the students must travel throughout other stories, pick up some symbolizing material and re-create the item.

At this chapter's end, the students learn the name of the item which is "The Forbidden mirror of wonderland".

Chapter 1Edit


Chapter 2 Edit


Chapter 3 Edit

TBA More chapters coming soon

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