Quotation1 Aye,but will you? Quotation2
replying to his crush after she asked him to keep a promise
   Nathan is son of the Fairy Maiden and Connla from the Irish tale Connla and the Fairy Maiden.He is very trustworthy,kind,true to his country and he is not a lot like a Irish warrior.Made by Jeb029 ==Character=====Personality===Nathan is very kind,trustworthy and friendly.He looks like a brute but is a big softie.He loves Ireland and will stick up for anything and anyone being bullied including his country. ===Appearance===He has red hair,a inviting smile,green eyes and pale skin. ==Fairy tale –Sonnla and the fairy maiden== ====How does Character Name come into it?====Nathan is a modernized version of a name meaning eternal life,like the land his mother lives.His surname is made up of ash based on his fathers firey hair and fay derived from fae meaning fairy. Nathan lives in Ireland with his father.He went to Ever After High for a small while but his father took Nathan back. ==Relationships=====Family===He lives with his father Connla.His mother is a fairy maiden who he never sees.===Friends===He likes it when Siobhan visits nightly on her adventures to Ireland and they spend the night dancing and singing.She stopped recently and he realised he had a crush on her.===Romance===Nathan has a crush on long time friend Siobhan Ceilidh but she does not know.==Outfits=====Basic===He wears a blue checked shirt with rope bracelets.He also has black jeans with blue lines on the side and brown boots.===Legacy Day=== ===Notes===
  • Lives at home in Ireland but travels to Ever After High each day using his magic to attend 3 classes while the rest are studied at home.


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