This is Natalie Field's Diary.

Back In TimeEdit

The Plague? I have to get the plague? Yes, yes I do. It's in my parent's story, so I have to have it, unless.. I can 'Rebel' against my story, switch it around and make it my own story, but then again that would upset my father, very much, I hate letting people down, I promised Sir William Shakespeare that I will come back to visit him, so I did, I try not to let anyone down. My family and me are very close, we keep as one. My sister Natalya is starting high school soon and so is my brother Nathaniel. My father and I get on very close, we stick together, do everything together, so letting him down, would basically be like letting my whole family down. I guess you could say, don't tell him, but I hate lying to him. It's just that one little tiny part, I wish to change, just that little and tiny bit in my story.

Chapter 1Edit

My Dad has to go back to 1599, for a meeting and to sort something out, so I will not see him for a while, although I normally don't as Ever After High is a boarding school and I have to take care of Nathaniel and Natalya and all my seven siblings, whilst seeing Rickie, my girlfriend, and hanging with my friends, Elora and Nina, but Nathaniel and Natalya stay in Ever After Hey Diddle-Middle School, so they don't see Dad either normally. Me and Elora are trying to get Keysha concert tickets, we spent hours today, but no luck so hopefully we can win them!

A boy came up to me and said Rickie got hurt, but it was only a trip, god... she can be so clumsy!!!

Chapter 2Edit


Chapter 3Edit


Chapter 4Edit


Chapter 5Edit


Chapter 6Edit


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