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Natalie Field is the daughter of Nate Field, the main character from the tale King Of Shadows.


Her voice actor would be Erin Fitzgerald.

Her portrayer would be Lucy Hale. Lucy has a minor role in the MTV drama Pretty Little Liars.



Natalie is the person, who is a Drama Queen, she loves the theatre which she takes after her Dad, she loves to act on stage, also a trait from her Dad. Natalie talks posh, as she has performed in front of many audiences, from 1901 to the present day. She lives with her Dad, secretly in the globe theatre, a main place were she practices to perform with her Dad. She loves to read William Shakespeare, but tends to know all the lines as her Dad actually knew him. She tends to thrive for attention, and gets too caught up being a show-off. She fails to seek romance but nor does she want one. She normally tends not to make sense. She does not know anything about electricity. She has kind of a posh voice but not to posh.


Natalie has light brunnette hair, up in a bun. She has red lipstick, green eyes and gold rings on.

Fairytale- King Of ShadowsEdit

King Of ShadowsEdit

Nat Field is recruited by Arby, whose real name is Richard Burbage and is a producer intent on a reenactment of the Globe Theatre in London reproducing Shakespeare's plays the way they were 400 years ago. The company of boys, said to be the best, are members handpicked by Arby from all over America. Nat acts as an aerial sprite, Puck, from A Midsummer Night's Dream. However, he suddenly falls ill and is taken to the hospital with fear of having the bubonic plague. During the night before he goes to hospital, he dreams of being tossed high above the earth and then pulled firmly back. He wakes up in a different room with a boy talking to him in a heavy Elizabethan accent (Elizabethan English). He has traveled back 400 years in time, to the year 1599, when the Globe theater was first built. He meets William Shakespeare, acting with him in the play he had rehearsed for in his own time, and experiences theater as it was originally intended. He becomes a very good friend to William Shakespeare, almost like a son to him. And before he knows it, he is back in the hospital bed awake and not knowing if what has just happened is true or not. Later in the book, Gil Warmun and Rachel Levin, his actors from present time come by and try to find out who he was 400 years ago. Nat undergoes a series of very interesting events that open his eyes to the world.

How does Natalie come into it?Edit

Natalie does not want to get the plague, however she has to, she still loves her story except for the plague part. Her Dad raised her (she is adopted with her brother and sisters) they lived in the Globe Theatre, she went to Ever After High and she found out you can 'Rebel' against your story. So she became a Rebel and changed her story.



Natalie has her brunnette hair up in a bun. She has a black dress with golden details in. She has Shakespearean female shoes on which are a dark and light brown.

Legacy DayEdit

Natalie has her light brown hair down for Legacy day with a fringe. She wears a green, red and gold crown. She wears a Elizabethean London light red dress with gold and some green swirls on, she has red and gold shoulder pads. She has dark red lipstick on.

Getting FairestEdit

Natalie has her hair in a bun, she has violet lipstick to match her violet gown. She has purple slippers on.



Her Dad and her get along very well, they live secretly in the Globe Theatre. Her friend is Shakespeare, himself. She has two siblings, a sister named Natalya and a brother called Natal. She also has a secret twin sister named Nancy. In her diary it is stated that she has 5 siblings.


Her family are her friends!

Nina Bella - Nina is a good friend of Natalie's because they are roommates, Nina is helping her learn new stuff like electronics and all that jazz. Nina and Natalie have been friends since they were in primary school. It is stated in Natalie's Mirrorblog that she has officially started an English club with Nina.

Elora Maris - Elora has been friends with Natalie since the start of Ever After High, Elora is also friends with Nina, meaning that they all hang out together. Elora, Natalie and Nina have started an Art club together but it is stated in Nina's Mirrorblog that the group got cancelled because less people were coming each week.

Weston Witch - Weston is very good friends with Natalie, despite Natalie knowing he has a crush on him, they don't let that get in between them, it is stated that he is going to ask her out on her birthday in his Mirrorblog, he and Natalie tried to have a club together however, with Natalie having too much clubs Headmaster Grimm said 'No'.

Rickie Burbage - Rickie and Natalie are going out and they do get rude and mean taunts thrown at them but they still love each other. Rickie and Natalie made a fanfiction debut in 'Our Little Night' which is about them to loving each other and not letting anyone get in the way. Since they are in the same story, Natalie knew Rickie since they were both little girls.

Natalie always lets Abigail Thief come on her and Rickie's coffee trip, Natalie has a type of friednd-crush thing for Abi. Rolana Candeliere and Calista Gilded can sometimes be seen hanging out with Natalie. Icy snow is one of Natalie's BFFA's and Icy is very understanding and always helps her.


She is with Rickie Burbage but Weston Witch has a crush on her.


Natalie has a pet hedgehog named Shakesy, Weston got her it for Valentine's Day.


Quotation1 One will find true love, but it comes at too much high a cost Quotation2
Natalie talking to Cupid on her Radio Show

Quotation1 I pledge to be.... the next King or.. or Queen Of Shadows! Wait, can't I just change my story? Quotation2
Natalie practicing for her pledge

Quotation1 The Plague? I have to get the plague? Quotation2
Natalie talking to her Dad

Quotation1 You promise me, we will stick together? Sisters? Quotation2
Natalie talking to her sister Natalya

Quotation1 Rickie is my world, I love her so much, she is like my soulmate! Quotation2
Natalie talking with Cupid on her Radio Show

Mirror BlogEdit

Natalie Mirror Blogs

Ok I finally got a mirrorpad, after Blondie forced me to get one, so apparently I have to 'Update' my status 'everyday'

Natalie Mirror Blogs

Ok, so do I have to post like every second?

Natalie Mirror Blogs

I have like 6 followers. Why do I have too update, to 6 people, who I doubt even even look at my profile.

Natalie Mirror Blogs

I am really excited, me and Nina are annoucing that we are starting an English Club!!!

Natalie Mirror Blogs

I know nothing about electricity, like does this mirror pad go into the plug automatically or what? Oh, and what does omg, wtf, stfu, idk and ily mean?


  • Her birthday is 23 April, as that was William Shakespeare's birthday as well. She also has another birthday which she suspects is her real one October 29th.
  • Her nickname Nat, is the similar to her Dad's nickname 'Nate' but his real name was Nathan.
  • She is probably Clawdeen Ghoul's most developed OC.


  • January, 2014: Natalie is thought and created on the Ever After High Fandom Wiki.
  • February, 2014: Natalie is drawn out and uploaded.
  • February, 2014: Natalie's Mirrorblog is uploaded.
  • February, 2014: Natalie's Diary is uploaded.
  • February, 2014: Natalie makes her book debut in 'Natalie Field's Story'.
  • April, 2014: Natalie makes her cartoon debut in 'MirrorNet Down'


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