Quotation1 Hearts don't shatter as easily as a mirror Quotation2
Narcissa's tagline

Narcissa Demonic, or Nar as her friends call her, is the 16 year old daughter of the Devil from the story, The Snow Queen, despite she isn't evil. Narcissa is a rebel since she wants to have a bigger and better role in her destiny than being the villan who creates a magic mirror which reflects all good things into bad ones. She is honestly nice and sweet when you get to know her but if you don't treat her with respect -possibly as the devil's daughter, himself- she will dispise you for-ever-after, or that's at least what her younger 13 year old brother claims. 

Narcissa is created by SabbyFangirl24, but was adopted by Mishachu Tubby and will be a joint OC between Mishachu Tubby and MeredithAgnesPoe. 



Narcissa's real life portrayal would be Zendaya Coleman, a dancer, singer and actress who is known to be playing the role of Rocky Blue in Disney's Shake it Up, Zoey Stevens in Zapped and Hailey Brandon in Frenemies. Zendaya's long hair could be easily compared to Narcissa's and her acting talents could fit Narcissa's personality, lifestyle and attitude.   

Piper Curda would voice Narcissa. Piper is an actress who plays the role of Jasmine in Disney's I Didn't Do It. Despite the fact that she doesn't do any voice acting, Narcissa's creator can imagine Piper's voice fitting in with Narcissa.     



Narcissa is a fierce, loyal and sweet girl. She could be very sassy at times and is an unexpected girl but above all, she is well rounded if you are somewhat in a close relatonship with her. She has moments when her paranoia gets the better of her but she is actually a general sweeheart. In Rolana Candeliere's words, she says that Narcissa is surgary with a hint of spice but yet, the devil girl doesn't get it. 

She is a talented girl but she honestly doesn't see it. She doubts that she can do amazing things, even with the powers she was born with. She is honest, generous but she can get into a really bad mood sometimes but hates it when people compare her blunt and/or cranky attitude to her father's. 

Nar could be a shy or anti-social girl sometimes and she tends to be nervous sometimes. She could choke on her own words and be speechless sometimes but she always keep her sass with her. 


Narcissa has long dark devil-red hair and yellow eyes. She has a somewhat pink skin-tone and she looks similar to her brother, Dane. 

Fairy tale – The Snow QueenEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

The story centers on the struggle between good and evil as experienced by Gerda and her  best friend, Kai.

How does Narcissa come into it?Edit

Once the demons dropped the mirror down to earth, the devil was extremely angry with them and wished that something good would finally happen to him or at least have someone to actually listen and obey to what he says. So the devil had an idea to create his very own child, but he couldn't predict if it was going to be a girl or a boy, but either way, he used his magic to create his own child and it ended up being a girl and he called her, Narcissa.



The Devil is Narcissa's father but Narcissa doesn't have a mother at all. Narcissa has no relatives whatsoever but she is somewhat close with the Snow Queen. She also has a 13 year old brother named Dane Demonic.


Abigail Thief and Raven Queen are Narcissa's best friends but Narcissa is also close friends with Marlene Hare and Crimson White. Abigail, Marlene and Crimson are in a band with Narcissa which is called Cursed Fairytale. Narcissa and Abigail were best friends since kinder-garden and they have gotten in a few fights but are always making up at the end. Crimson and Narcissa could never seem to get along very well but it's obivious that they are still friends. Marley could be a pain sometimes to Narcissa but at the same time, they could tease Crimson together and make random jokes about love-birds and anything that they aren't interested in. 

She is also friends with Rolana Candlewick and Ebony S. White, they hang out if they ever bump into each other or when they have spare time. Narcissa does get along with all of the Rebels but other than that, she's somehow anti-social but she can sometimes be seen talking with Hunter Huntsman and/or Sparrow Hood but besides the boys, she talks and sometimes arranges nature stuff with her friend, Willow Maid


Narcissa has a pet dragon named Hellfire. 


Narcissa is single and is not interested in love. But she supports couples that are total opposites and is never too shy to say her opinions about romance. 



Narcissa's outfit somehow represents her destiny; she wears a dress which is white from the top with a wide dark brown strap and her skirt is light grey and has cracked designs, as if it's a broken mirror. At the bottom of the skirt, it is as if it's cut out into wide hills which are pointy at the tip. She wears a see-through pale orange crop top and a grey thin strap goes on her shoulders and behind her neck as well. Her heels are like fire, orange and it continues with a strap that wraps around her legs, getting brighter into pale yellow, until below her knees and the heels is thin, slightly bumby and black. She also wears a pale orange bracelet which is inspired by flames. 

Legacy DayEdit

Her legacy day gown is long and black with red, orange and yellow parts below her shoulders, inspired by fire. At the bottom of her flowing dress, it is also inspired by fire. A yellow part comes up behind her neck and nearly at the back of her head. The dress also has a light grey strap with cracked desgins, like a broken mirror, similar to her basic dress. The shoes are black and the wedge is light grey, also with the cracked designs and a bright orange strap wraps around her legs until below her knees as well (it doesn't really show in the picture but that is actually how it is). She also wears a bright orange see-through cape that looks like a huge and wide flame that hangs from the back and top part of her dress. A light grey misformed shape that looks like a huge mirror shard with cracked designs also sits on her head. 

Getting FairestEdit



Quotation1 Hey dudes, my name is Narcissa Demonic and I'm the daughter of the devil. Oh the horror! And my destiny pledge? Let's move on to that...I pledge to, um, let's see....NOT follow my destiny and you losers are just gonna have to deal with it. If you throw me in prison, make me go "poof!", sue me to the Magical Court, have fun because this is my freedom of speech and I don't take orders. Peace! Quotation2
Her Legacy Day speech/pledge


  • Her birthday is on October 24th. 
  • She inherited her father's powers.
  • Narcissa made the OC of the July 2014.
  • Her human name would be Nina Diablo. 
  • Even though above, her name is Nina in her human form, she hates that name.
  • Narcissa's gender-bender name would be Narcisse Demonic. 
  • Despite Zendaya (who is a dancer) being her real life portrayal, Narcissa can't dance. 


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