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Morgan Vermillon is the son of Vermeille from The Widow and Her Two Daughters by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. He is the cousin of Gwendoline Leblanc.



Morgan is tall, with wavy red hair and blue eyes. He wears a vermilion jacket over a yellow shirt and blue jeans.


Morgan is hard-working, smart, and caring. He enjoys farmwork and thinks that hard work really pays off. He especially likes growing grapes. He is the complete opposite of the redhead stereotype and is usually calm and collected.


Morgan lives with his mother Vermeille and his father, as well as his grandmother. They are farmers and grow all sorts of crops. Morgan's aunt Blanche lives with them too, along with her second husband and her children Gwendoline and Erwan. Morgan also has five cousins from his mother's first husband. He doesn't see them much since they are royalty.

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