Mina and Jeneveve are the twin daughters of Thumbelina. 

Parent StoryEdit





hair: they both have a dirty blonde hair with purple ends and bangs.

Face: they both have green eyes and bright pink full lips.

Legacy day: they wear light pink gowns with purple waists and hems


Enemies: none

BFFA: of course each other, plus Twinkle Bell and Cristyle O'hair


Mina and Jeneveve are both neutrals. They dont particually enjoy the thought of being small but they dont entirely hate it either.


Good: Mina is a kind and gentle person. Jeneveve is a strong and brave girl.

Not so good: Mina isn't always able to stand up for herself as much as she is able to for others. Jeneveve doesn't always pay attention to what could go wrong with her plans, she juat does it.


Power: Mina and Jeneveve can talk to animals

Curse: whenever they feel small they become literally small

Love lifeEdit

Mina has a crush on an unknown guy who she is to shy to talk to. Jeneveve hasn't found the right guy yet, and could bear to wait a few more years.

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