Mimi Dodo is the daughter of the Dodo from Alice in Wonderland. She is a rebel, mostly because she can't do what her father can, no matter how hard she tries,


Mimi gets frustrated really easily, especially since she can't say long words, like her dad does in the story. The longest word she can say is 'awesome', though she usually knows what long words mean. When she's not frustrated, though, she's happy, smiley, and cheerful.


Mimi is slightly chubby, in both human and dodo form. She dislikes the colour grey, so when in human form her grey hair, grey eyes and pale skin looks out of pace thanks to the Light pink shirk, the purply black ombre skirt, pink and yellow stockings and Green high heels. these also show that she has no idea what colours go together, and what colours dont.

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