"My villain is also my hero - ironically."

Millie Gold is the daughter of the millers daughter in Rumpelstiltskin. She is unhappy with her destiny as she believes in true love and does want to end up next to the greedy king. She hates almost every princess and enjoys terrifying them. most of her friends are Wonderlandians and she speaks fluent Riddlish, as well as English

Portrayers Edit

Millie Gold would be voiced by Sabrina Carpenter

Personality Edit

Millie is bold, outspoken and has a tendency to get into trouble.

Appearance Edit

Millie has coffee Coloured skin and black hair with electric blue streaks.

Fairy Tale Edit


Family Edit

Millie is the daughter of the millers daughter.

Friends Edit

Maddie, Lizzie and Kitty

Outfits Edit

She wears a purple top and a black skirt

Romance Edit

Daring Charming sets her heart beating

Mirror Blog Edit

totally hexcited for new school year

Just figured out i can turn thing to gold if i try really hard. Not straw though. Weird.

I'm getting really annoyed with people who ask for gold. I'm talking to you Sparrow.

Gallery Edit

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