Merielle is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast. She was created by 




Merielle is a very caring and respectful, but has some anger issues. She is also very shy. She can see the good in everyone, and she is always up for an adventure. She may be a Royal, but dont think she hasn't thought about changing her story.


Merielle is a fair-skinned girl with brown hair thats usually in a bun. She has emerald green eyes and and is 5.6.


Merielles story is The Beauty and the Beast. She is destined to be the next beauty, but she has no idea who her prince charming will be. The other thing is that the fairy who cursed her father still had a grudge agianst him. So when she weas born, the fairy passed the curse onto her. Luckilly, her beast side only shows when shes angry. The bad thing is, she has a lot of anger issues. 



Merielles has a large family. She has 2 older sisters and her mom and dad. Shes close with her mother, but the beast tends to shy away from her. Her older sister, Livia, absolutely despises her, but her other sister, Amber, wants to be her firend, but Livia keeps pushing her away.


(More coming soon!)

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