MeredithAgnesPoe is a nerd who sold her soul for celery. Her page was, at some point, a fossil for the worst aspects of internet culture in 2014.

MeredithAgnesPoe (though basically everyone calls her Maddi) is an unfunny stale meme-obsessed twerp hailing from the United Kingdom.

About Edit

I am garbage and I'm so sorry if you knew me before 2015.

When it comes to talking about myself I have no idea what I'm doing and often refer to the drivers of others because I'm unoriginal. Sorry 'bout it.

Stuff you probably need to know. Edit

  • If these sort of things are important to you, Maddi accepts any/all pronouns as she really doesn't care. Though she/her are frequently used.
  • Says 'Yee Boi' and 'fam' a lot
  • Writes about k-pop
  • Communicates in the form of stale memes
  • Is obsessed with K-pop, fairytales, dolls, memes, Alice in Wonderland...I could go on.
  • The Magical Bookworm, the eyeliner king - Xiumin and Facebook memes have ruined my her life. Despite this, she loves two of these things.

Original Characters Edit

Current Projects Edit

These are the original characters I am continuing to involve in fanfics or relavent projects.

  • Stæja "Abigail" Thief : Successor of the Little Robber Girl Icon-Rebel  
  • Ada Nieves: Daughter of Snow White (Snow White and Rose Red)Icon-Rebel
  • Sofia Squire : Daughter of the Love Interest from The Master Thief Icon-Rebel
  • Kayla G. Eternity: Daughter of  Kai and Gerda from the Snow Queen Icon-Royal
  • Ruby Rosen, Daughter of Rose Red. (All I know is she's a rebel, related to Ada and is hella chill) Icon-Royal
  • Kurt Baisses, Son of the Bear Prince (I have like a bullet point list on him, that's it rn) Icon-Royal

RIP Edit

(Just imagine the video with these character's faces superimposed over the actors. I have no editing skills so I can't do it myself.)

Joint Projects (Probably discontinued too?? idk) Edit

  • Betony and Honey Nutkin : Daughters of Squirrel Nutkin, co-written with Flamette Icon-Neutral
  • Harriet Knave : Daughter of the Knave of Hearts, co-written with Clawdeen Ghoul Icon-Royal
  • Lauren Esel : Daughter of A Toylandian Donkey, co-written with DayDreemurr Icon-Rebel

Contact Edit

I spend a lot of time on the chat when I'm supposed to be working so you'll probably find me there. Other wise feel free to drop a message on my message wall...or even better, follow me on tumblr!

Iconic* Musings Edit

Quotation1 When your fandom fails to provide decent representation, one must do it themselves Quotation2
I said something like this in the chat thing once, I still kind of agree with it.
Quotation1 hi im a plant whose gay for another plant Quotation2


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