Mercedes is the daughter of the Little Mermaid and the older sister of Marina Mermaid. She is Neutral.



Mercedes is a manipulative mermaid who many find cold hearted. She dislikes land dwellers and her vanity is second to the Evil Queen's. Mercedes never hangs around with humans. Mary doesn't care what others think of her. Many students fear her because, as a mermaid, Mercedes's voice can put boys under a powerful love spell. She enjoys singing as it allows her to control people. Mercedes finds Marina's love of humans stupid. 

Despite her coldness, she cares for her family. She also, like all mermaids, cares for the sea.

Mercedes is looking forward to her destiny as a mermaid of Neverland but she does not wish to give up her hair only for her sister to die.


Mercedes is a stunningly beautiful mermaid. Due to her mermaid heritage, Mercedes possesses flawless, long, silky hair which is a stunning shade of deep gold with tints of lime green. It flows down her back in waves like all her sisters. Her skin is tanned with a rose tint on her cheeks and coral pink lips. Mercedes's eyes are a lovely mixture of viridian green and turquoise. Her fingers are connected with thin webbing. Mercedes's tail is a mixture of viridian and emerald green at the waist but fades to viridian and sea green and finally to the same color as her eyes.



Mercedes gets along well with her mother, grandfather Poseidon, great-grandmother and aunts. She loves her sisters and cousins but often fights with them.


Mercedes is close friends with her sisters and cousins. Mercedes doesn't like to mingle with humans and much prefers the company of other sea creatures.


Mercedes's only pet is a chatty, orange crab who likes to ride on Mercedes head.


  • As a mermaid, Mercedes needs to keep her tail wet to stay healthy.
  • Her magical voice can mesmerize those who hear it.
  • Mercedes's singing can control the sea and storms.
  • Mercedes can swim to other worlds via underwater portals.