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Quotation1 Everything I want to do is exactly what I'll never be able to. Quotation2
toss me to sea and let me sink

Merana Little [they/them or she/her] is a 2015-introduced original character, avid saxophone enthusiast, and aspiring author. They are destined to be the next Rusalka from the opera of the same name by Antonín Leopold Dvořák. They currently attend Ever After High.

Growing up with Death's imminent presence at their shoulder, and worse, the knowledge that Death was indeed there, Merana holds a twisted view of themself and their purpose in life. Though their conviction of their apparent inferiority is an obvious weight, Merana is hesistant to let go of these feelings. Irrational as it is, Merana finds the romance in despair and trades what is good for them for what is a momentary distraction. At times, they can be over zealous in their goals, craving accomplishment before their early demise. Because of this, Merana is both hopelessly idealistic with aspirations and self-standards, and distrustful of what the future will bring.

Even though Merana holds worries for each new day, most notably, issues with their identity and their future, they hold themself nonchalantly, preferring to cry into their covers in private. For the time being, they grace themselves with a cover of mirthful light and sharp wit, dryly jovial yet credible, lovely light waves hiding troubled waters. And though Merana wishes they were not so uncertain all the time, not so selfish and unwilling to accept, they cannot find it within themselves to break from their reverie.

MerMer or Fishbone seems to be a common nickname. Their Chinese name is 深 青 tbc something with ci (fish bone haha) something something why

Please don't edit without permission! Major WIP, going through a name change and story change and other meaningless details!



Merely what appears to be yet another Little Mermaid variant in the grand scheme of things, Merana worries for her sense of identity and the pressure of Destiny and Co. Amongst dozens of other fated-to-die water-themed teens, she feels as if the concept of fate and taking on a legacy has caused her to change greatly from who she was, and who she wants to be. Most notably, Merana perceives her individuality to now be virtually nonexistent, her skills useless, and her purpose obsolete. However, a substantial fear of failure and desire for improvement still seems real enough apparently, as Merana now pushes herself to success, whatever it may be, before death.

There is a clear divide between the kind of person Merana aspires to be and who she is with her guard down. Growing up consuming media featuring particularly jaded, sarcastic lone wolves has made Merana fall in love with a persona she has built to fit herself into. The prodigy distant from everyone else, the cynic, the snark, pulling badassery out of their perfectly written and edited character arcs, someone who she should aspire to be. Her romanticizing nature combined with her want of admiration and attention has led her to subconsciously try and fit into the role better, even forcing herself to put up the facade. And over the years, it has come more and more naturally to her.

The identity Merana strives to be half her waking moments is wryly and dryly humorous, remarking on daily incidents with oh-so-seemingly blasé comments, handling everything life throws at them with cheek, dramatic flair, and morbid humor. She should excel in her chosen areas of expertise, garnering praise and trust from her elders, inspiring awe in her peers, while treating the matter as if it was not enough. She must raise her eyebrows at the most opportune moments, scoff and murmur, half-lidded eyes bearing boredom and absolute superiority, win all arguments and always have a snappy one-liner ready. And, as is standard, exist as if personal lighting, make-up, sound, and wardrobe crews were with her at all times.

Very much so not this persona she exhibits, Merana is uncomfortably aware that she's changing her behavior to imitate what she admires. And though being true to herself and having people genuinely admire her is somewhat of a goal, Merana enjoys the feeling of being superior, she enjoys this passive-aggressiveness because she doesn't know how to express discontent otherwise. As you would expect, the harshness of this persona has seeped into Merana and found a home.

Merana, when she is not trying to embody a TV Tropes page, is expressive to a large degree. She's easily excitable at the mention of her favorite topics, easily frustrated when she is disrupted, and all too easily nervous when faced with just about anything. And it's important to mention, she lets that show! Through smiles and narrowed eyes and movement and energy and irritated huffs, Merana lets herself crack open a cold bottled emotion, long-coveted and long-delayed.

However, her issues with self-image and identity are also noticeably apparent with the loss of her pretense. Merana craves attention and praise, she idealizes being put on a pedestal, and she becomes desperate when there's a noticeable lack of validation. This is an especially difficult mindset to deal with when you attend a school that is currently contemplating the validity of a then widely-accepted metaphysical law. No biggie. Stress tends to multiply in situations like these.

Merana, being brought up in a competitive atmosphere, glamorizes the idea of high standards and hard work much too fervently. By nature she is an over-achiever, eager to improve and with no shortage of a telltale perfectionist attitude. However, she often pushes this to the extreme, wanting to better her skills so much that she gets overwhelmed with what she perceives as the quota. Not to mention, she has such high standards for herself, disguising them as expectations of others, that she becomes unhealthily obsessed with her work.

After competing with others for so long, Merana developed an idea that if she were not up to par, whatever that may be, she would fail, whatever that may entail. Her feelings of helplessness and dependency when she was younger were self-interpreted as weaknesses, consequently she started feeling like she was weak. To deal with this, she finds comfort in success, usually in academics, subconsciously trying to find peace through attention. When Merana inevitably becomes too overwhelmed to meet her own standards, it will in turn make her feel worse about the original problem.

She also tends to overthink anything and everything, getting nervous and fussing over the smallest details. Partly because of her ever-embellishing nature and partly because she's kind of pretentious. Because she gravitates towards much too grandiose ideas for simple situations, she ends up running herself exhausted with extravagant plans. As a perfectionist, and also as someone who wants to be effortlessly excellent, this is torture. She ends up with bouts of apathy and counterfeit calm, before beginning to worry yet again.

Merana's self-consciousness and easy embarrassment also rears its ugly head in her pride. For all she pretends, Merana is actually really sensitive to criticism and insults, and being aware of that piles shame and guilt onto her ego. She tells herself that as an aspiring content creator, acceptance of criticism is an important skill, and yet tears form every time someone raises their voice at her.

Speaking of egos, Merana has a habit that is rapidly growing in popularity: self deprecation in order for others to intervene and contradict. The basis of this habit is: 1) Do something that is quite awesome. 2) Pretend either a) "It's not that good" or b) "It was pretty easy!" 3) Attention and awe!! 4) hooray. She craves attention so much she'd deliberately manipulate other people into complimenting her through, self-deprecation real or not.

  • some stuff n stuff
  • Has issues with self-image, as she wants attention and admiration from people, in the subtle sort of prideful way, wants to be seen as wryly and dryly humorous, and overall good at doing things and looking ideal while doing it.
  • Basically, very expressive with her emotions by nature, even though she's bad at distinguishing the difference between many.
  • She does make pretty snarky replies without the thought of the trope, because she wants to edge a laugh out of herself and others. Literally wants to be funny! And laugh! Makes bad decisions because of this sometimes.
  • Hides a lot of worry, which is why she enjoys the ever-so abstract feeling of positivity.
  • Fit to burst with sunshine when positive! Similar to a nice adrenaline rush, or envisioning her own universe.
  • Worries about her life, her future, her approaching death, her family, what she's becoming, what she's done, waht other people think of her, when people have loud voices, and so on.
  • Likes creating. Also like procrastinating, but not liking the fact that she's procrastinating.
  • Her enjoyment of knowledge! makes her curious and over-achieving
  • Enjoys schedules and fixed patterns a lot! Finds them to be comforting
  • Which results in the unfortunate inevitability of becoming overwhelmed when something goes wrong and she doesn't know what to do. This happens.. often. She could probably deal with the situation if she found a place to start, but more often than not she gets stuck in that first stage of panic and confusion.
  • Regresses to that weird apathy by instinct and tries to solve the problem like she has any semblance of an idea or plan, even though she really does not. There's internal screaming and desperation underneath the "I meant to do that"s and slightly alarmed poker face.

everything under here shall be interpreted.


In their more humanoid form, Merana seems to be a taller than average teenager of Eastern Asian descent. They have a more feminine appearance, though their style is rather androgynous. In terms of skin color, they have a medium golden complexion, with a naturally darker dorsal side due to their aquatic heritage. Keratosis pilaris comes in the form of harmless little bumps near her shoulders.

Merana stands at 5'7" (170 cm) without heels, a fact they are very proud of. They have somewhat broad shoulders that they occasionally showcase with posture that isn't terrible and the god-given proportions of long legs. While they enjoy athletic activities, their build rarely strays from "kinda toned but not really". Any muscle that they do have is hidden underneath a soft stomach and squishy thighs. Their face is rather round and still chubby, retaining baby fat. When crying, respiring anaerobically, cold, or a mixture of all three, rosiness takes home in their cheeks. Merana has a slightly flatter nose, dark unplucked (but not quite thick) eyebrows, and lips that usually have some sort of balm on them.

tall chinese siren with nice hair and keratosis pilaris. maybe muscle?? who knows. her tail has the ability to pick up pigment, but is usually glassy black with silver undertones.
IMG 0129-1-


Her pigmentation would be described as a golden medium tan. It has a healthy glow to it, from all that swimming around, and the icy waters during wintertime serves as a sort of an ice bath that helps nourish her. Her skin was a bit light before due to the fact that half of her life was spent underwater, even though she did get to come up onto land frequently. It's still darker now.

Her face is rather round and kind of chubby and it has the appearance of still retaining baby fat. When she smiles they only get rounder. It also gives the appearance of her being pretty young, and she is. I mean, at heart she's honestly a child. Her nose is on the broader side, and well, it's a nose. Her lips are perfectly shaped and they are just slightly darker than most people's would be. Merana's eyebrows are just... regular eyebrows. A bit all over the place though.


The shape of her eyes

Merana also has fins in her humanoid form. They are spiky and translucent black, growing on her forearms and calves. They do droop a little, however. These fins are hydrodynamic and allow her to glide easily in water.

When in siren form, Merana's legs blend into a long tail, the scales catching the light and flashing silver. Most of the scales seem silvery-black, but some spots are dappled with faint traces of emerald. The fins start out as translucent silvery-green and end majestically in translucent silvery-black.

Her skin takes on a slightly silveery-green tint, black darkening her remaining limbs, and her teeth take on a shark-like aspect. MerMer's eyes glow more luminously, and her movements are smoother. Silver green scales can be found here and there, around her arms and neck. She is able to do as she does on land in the water. Except, y'know. Walk. And everything associated with walking.




being a fish kid

pretty much it

Fairy Tale

How The Story Goes

The full story is here: RUSALKA!

But basically, this Rusalka chick falls in love with this prince guy. Her dad is all like "no no you shouldn't" but nope she doesn't listen because plot. She gets a potion from a witch, which (heh) you know, is always a good idea, but she can't talk. Plus, if the prince betrays her, they'll both get sent to some sort of eternal damnation. A regular jokester, this one. Prince guy likes the mermaid chick but he's also infidel. Likes this foreign princess. Foreign princess gets all jelly and curses the couple. Prince guy leaves Rusalka, and poor Rusalka goes back to the lake. The princess wins the prince's affection and now scorns it.

Rusalka asks the witch for a solution to all her woes(lol so drama many sad) and is told if she kills the prince guy, she will be saved. But nope, she rejects it, though it's a perfectly good offer. She becomes a bludička, basically a spirit of death. The nearest translation is a will o'the wisp, only her kiss means death and damnation, which makes her a much cooler will o'the wisp.

The prince finds Rusalka since he's heartbroken by the foreign princess(REVENGE! >:3). And they kiss even though he knows her kiss means death. He dies, and the story concludes

How Does Merana Fit Into it?


Previous Rusalka disappeared and the story was forgone to streamline the variations down to a few, since the story was too similar to The Little Mermaid. Then the tale was rediscovered and from a pool (heh) of competitors for the spot, Merana was chosen.



Viewpoint on Destiny





Best Friends

Desi - oof tba

Quotation1 I feel like I would be a lot more scatterbrained without you. You're the egg that holds us together. Quotation2
MerMer to Cop

Cop- TBA

Merana, somehow, still pines a lot.

Quotation1 Heyy, you still up for that volunteer chef thing in Bookend? I'm pretty sure I can cook better than you :3 Quotation2
These two have a playful culinary rivalry going on.

Dami - Two dorks that like to hang about

Clerval- i haven't made him but he'll be here soon.


Quotation1 {{{1}}} Quotation2
Rosabella Beauty- TBA
Quotation1 Hello! I love your paintings. Quotation2
Merana not picking up on the drift that Quinn is quite possibly tired of her shit

Quinn Schauer- TBA

Quotation1 Boom bada boom Quotation2
The little fashion nerds.

Lace Carroll - Fashion fanatics amirite?


Calli Latrans- TBA


hum de dum


Mererid- During the Animal Calling lesson, Merana received a magical ship figurehead she named Mererid. Mererid is a magical creature as it is an enchanted piece of sea treasure.


Quotation1 I hope I'll find someone, but it's really in the same vein as apples. I'd like some, but I think I could survive without it. Quotation2
For a siren, she's actually quite useless at romance.


some sort of futch goth disaster, im sure


Merana's Outfits



What point was I trying to make by shoving five outfits into one panel? 


Mina's fabulous work

Legacy Day

Merana wears one of her mother's human gowns, but with her own twist. It is an off-the-shoulder turquoise dress with a sweetheart bodice. The straps are actually a piece of fishnet that loops around the shoulders, and is pinned to the waist. Her skirt is fairly normal until it reaches to just above her knee, where it separates into many layers of waves and ruffles, ranging from gradients: turquoise-cerulean, turquoise-emerald, turquoise- light blue, etc. creating an ocean illusion at the bottom. The bottom of the dress comes to around her shin and the back tapers behind to drag slightly on the ground.

Her belt is gold and encrusted like a mosaic with all the richest sapphires and turquoises and other blue jewels that fell into sea. She wears a tiara with matching earrings. It is also a heirloom accessory, along with her usual ring. However, the tiara has strings of black pearls that twist into her hair, which is in a fancy hairdo, half-up half-down. She wears a string of black pearls that winds itself around her left shoulder and neck for a necklace. Her shoes are gold high-heel sandals, with strings of pearls that lace up her calves and also drip on the floor. The heels are actually mini-duplicates of Meried in seahorse form. For her cape, it is also ocean-patterned, and its tapered end is trimmed with white frills.

She wears only waterproof mascara but with a small hint of subtle clear lip gloss.

Getting Fairest


Mirror Beach

Merana's shoes are old beat-up flip-flps that have no heel. Black and white stripes pattern it, with teal straps. She wears a black racing suit that has a pattern akin to splashes of paint on it, colored turquoise and teal. When not in the water, Merana dons a towel around her shoulders to dry off. The towel is a fluffy white with translucent turquoise bubbles patterning it.

Merana's hair is wet and pulled back from her face with water so she can see what she's doing. The shaggy bangs and layers in the back of her head are flattened. White goggles with turquoise tinted lenses are pushed up on her face. She carries a white, beat-up volleyball under her arm. When in siren form the racing suit just molds into her tail.


Hat-tastic Tea Party

Still looks cool.

Merana wears a black blazer with one silver button engraved with a heart, spade, club, and diamond holding it together. Her fins are not visible. The collar is white, with turquoise detailing that looks like the suites of a card. The motifs go diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades. The blazer tapers back into two coat-tails, the inside has the same pattern. The lining of the pockets are white, and the buttons on the sleeves are also white. Underneath the blazer is a white top with a sweetheart neckline, with small frills on the neckline. Merana wears a cobalt satin belt encrusted with black pearls on her top, under her blazer. The buckle is a silver casino chip. She also wears an asymmetrical turquoise peplum attached to the belt. The peplum is shaped like this one, except the longer side only reachers to her knee. Small quantities of shimmering silver threads weave in and out of the peplum, to make it look like swirling silver waves are patterned on it. Under the peplum, she wears a very short flouncy skirt with a gradient that goes from black to teal. The design of the skirt is flowy enough that it looks like poured tea. The skirt reaches to just above her mid-thigh. She wears mismatched stockings underneath, they reach to just below her mid-thigh. One is colored black with a white clubs and spades pattern. The other is wine-colored with white diamonds and hearts. Both stockings have black lace at the top. They are attached using black garters.

Her hair is streaked with cobalt slashes. Accessories include ocean-gradient gloves with white lacy ruffles, and her slightly shimmering turquoise stiletto heels are decorated with a bow made out of a card on each toe. However, the bow is colored black, white, and wine instead. Placed on top of the card bow is a silver casino chip. She wears the same bow as a bowtie around her neck, secured by a cobalt choker. She also carries a dramatic fan made of four cards, all aces. Each of them are white with one of the suite types printed on them. Wine for diamonds and hearts, black for clubs and spades. Merana wears on top of her head a classy black fedora with a matching cobalt satin band. A peacock feather recolored wine is attached to the brim, along with two cards with a wine and white pattern. A teabag-shaped tote is slung across her shoulder, the straps silver and the material of the tote is cream and paper-like. Patterning of the suites are done on the tote in wine.

She has dramatic shimmery silver eyeshadow on, along with matching silver lip gloss. Her eyelids are dusted with a wine red, but the silver eyeshadow goes beyond that.



This, hopefully, will be coming soon.


Spring Unsprung

Ack, redoing af but I shall save this because ayy it's a nice design

Merana wears a Siren's Song(A fandom flower of the sea) inspired outfit. She wears a top that is cyan with a few emerald-colored bubbles and studded with black pearls on the top and bottom. One side has short sleeves, the other is strapless. A spiral of the infamous flowers curls around the bodice. She has a matching cyan bubble peplum/skirt, with a pattern of watercolor on water. She wears on top of the peplum a row of striped, polka-dotted, and crazy ties that  . For tights she wears dark blue-greenish blue gradient ones. Merana also wears some cyan mid-calf high strapped sandals. Small sea lilies dot the sandals, almost blooming on her legs.

For accessories, a wreath of Siren's Songs sit on her head, with tendrils of ivy that hang in her newly gold streaked hair. A belt of gold-touched flowers and ivy snarls sit at her waist. A fishnet open sleeve necklace with a draping of black pearls sit on her neck. Two green leaf earrings dangle from her ears. A gold braided ivy bracelet and a flower ring complete the look.

She wears a subtle touch of blush pink lipstick and blue smoky eyeshadow.


Through the Woods

Merana's attire for Through the Woods is more medium/dark blue-based than her usual turquoise palette. Her hair is put in a side fishtail braid. Small strands of seaweed are braided along in her hair. She wears a turquoise gauze hooded cloak like Cerise's. It is held together with a black pearl clasp. There are emerald seaweed patterns on the cloak, along with cobalt blue gauze on the inside.

Under the cloak is a cobalt three-quarters sleeved fitted top decorated with leaf motifs. This particular motif consists of thin stripes of black going vertically on the top, with emerald leafs sprouting from the sides of the stripes. She also has a pair of black denim shorts with silver studs on the cobalt rolled-up bottoms and the belt loops. Black suspenders go over her shoulders, connected to the shorts. An emerald tie is threaded through the belt loops instead of a belt, tying together one one side. Some shimmery turquoise tights with black swirls and these hiking boots only thigh-high and cobalt-colored with small black pearls instead of the studs and silver laces complete the outfit.

She carries a navy blue lantern and a gold signal flare encrusted with black pearls.


Enchanted Picnic

Probably will change this

Merana wears a cerulean and white gingham-patterned bubble dress. Tiny gold starfish are patterned on it. There is a trim of green gauze on the hem and on the waist-line. Her hair is shorter than usual, and comes to halfway above her elbows. They are also curlier than usual. She wears black leather ankle booties with green seaweed laces.

She also has a black pearl headband with three gold starfish. Her picnic basket is shaped like a cobalt-scaled fish with silver lining and the mouth as the opening.


Sugar Coated

Definitely redoing this nightmare



Fairest On Ice

some ideas! not many but still


Way too Wonderland

A corset-ish top made of cards?


Date Night



Royally Ever After



Book Party


Something with this peplum





Dragon Games

ooooh armor designs


Epic Winter



Birthday Ball




It's like impossible to find songs for them.

Girls (Marina and the Diamonds)- TBA



  • Merana is sapphic! they proceed to laugh because sapphic? like, the color, sapphire? blue? like them!
  • Gender is. confusion. Fairymerica eggsplain.
  • She/her and they/them pronouns are the way to go!
  • Their favorite food would probably some sort of dessert.
  • Merana has unnaturally sharp 20/10 eyesight. If you're not familiar with that, it just means she can see something sharply from 20 feet, whereas a person with 20/20 vision could only see it from 10 feet. They have an odd fear, however, of losing their eyesight, or just not being able to see well in general, although their vision is fine.
  • Merana plays two instruments currently, the alto saxophone primarily. She also plays the erhu, and would like to pick up tenor sax too.
  • If Merana were to embody one of the Seven Deadly Sins, it would most likely be Pride. A runner-up would be Greed, and then probably Wrath or Gluttony.
  • internally screaming


Quotation1 What is there to want when you have pistachio ice-cream? Quotation2
how drama
Quotation1 I was once told by someone that I would regret coming to Ever After High. Quotation2
and i do. but i'd rather prove them wrong.
Quotation1 I'm not just afraid of being left behind, I'm afraid I'm already behind and I can't do anything about it. Quotation2
running a race, running my mouth, running out of time
Quotation1 There would be a lot less frustration if any one of us could shut up for more than five seconds. Quotation2
sadly, we are one and the same
Quotation1 Grimm, it took so long to finish all the thronework for today. Quotation2
you did it?
Quotation1 Yeah, I can see. **realization** *nice* Quotation2
if you're not an absolute lad like merana is, the joke is "see" and "sea"


  • will probably never be "done"

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Her diary is here

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They're both being renovated at the moment though...


If anyone wants to draw her, feel free to! Just remember her appearance please ^^;