Melody Waves is the daughter of the little mermaid and hates her destiny .She is a rebel and a main character


Parent's story : The little mermaid

Roommate: Annabelle Paige

Alignment : Rebels

Secrets heart's desire : to not fall in love ,I mean we all know what happened to my mother

My magic touch: my voice is magical,Imcan hyptonize people up the 1,000 miles away

Storybook romance status:love is evil

Oh curses moment : When boys ask me why I don't like men and boys .Isn't it obvious

Favorite subject: Muse Ic ,I can sing my heart out

Least favorite subject: Princessology ,I'm already a princess

Best friends forever after : Annabelle Paige is so friendly..Also Katherine Summers knows how to brighten up my day

How does Melody fit: Before The little mermaid become daughter of the air she changed into sea foam.The rest of the sea foam after she was lifted into air transformed into a girl half human and half mermaid.Since Melody meant music and Waves was part of the ocean The little mermaid named her that.

Personality : She is quite funny an nice. She has a carefree attatude but is quite stubborn .She has plenty of friends but does not trust boys.The only friends that are boys are Steven Curse and Braydon Thief

Appearance : She has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail .Her height is 5"9" and has tan skin.Like Rosalyn she is skinny Basic wear : She wears a aqua colored tank top and blue jeans.She wears regular orange shoes. Legacy day wear : She wears an aqua mermaid style dress that glitters in the moonlight.She wears purple beads around her neck .Also a white scarf drapes around her neck.She wears royal blue flats Relationships Family :She adores her mother

Quotes : Men

Melody when announcing her biggest pet peeve

Trivia: She has a small crush on Sparrow

She can communicate to her mom through her head

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