"Every great story needs a villian"


Megan wears a black and purple dress black dimond necklace and Midnight purple hair


Megan grew in a sad life she has five younger brothers who hate her since shes a villian and they are some of the future knights and before her mother was taken away to live in a mirror prison the last words her mother said to her where "Don't worry sweetie when your old enough you will be more powerful than anyone even the evil queen and when that day comes you can break me free from my prison". Megan has spent every momment she could learning black magic she. Megan loves her destiny she loves magic and spells and she cant wait to become the next Morgan Le Fay.


Parent story: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Age: 16

Alignment: Royals

Roommate: no one

Secret Hearts Desire: To free my mother and make her proud

My Magic Touch: Black magic and spells I have almost perfected them

Storybook Romance Status: love is foe those with nothing else to do in their life

oh Curses moments: I will admit Im a little rusty when it comes to spells in riddlish

Favourite subject: General Villainy

least Favourite subject: Princessology... yawn

Best friends forever after: Anti love

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