Matilda Hood is the second child of Robin Hood, and first daughter. It's her destiny to be the next Maid Marian, and she is a rebel, seeing as its a bit awkward for her and Sparrow Hood, given their story and the fact that they are brother and sister.


Matilda is kind, but can be very aggressive when she wants to be. She looks after her little sister, Rebbeca Hood, quite a lot, to the annoyance of Rebbeca and Renn`e Lionheart. She can keep secrets very well, so people aren't scared to tell her their secrets. She is the only one that James Plantage has told about his secret crush on Renné.


She wears a light blue gown, with lace sleeves and a long, translucent cloak. Matilda wears dark blue shoes, that have a tiny heel. Her long, dark hair is always in bunches, and her light skin seems to glow in the sunlight.


Father: Robin Hood

Mother: Maid Marian

Parents story: Robin Hood

Siblings: Rebbeca Hood, Sparrow Hood

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