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Mary-Ann Gale is the adopted daughter of Dorothy Gale from the novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". She is going to follow her destiny as the next "Southerner's Alice" as she likes to consider herself as. 



Mary is just a happy ball of sunshine. She is friendly, nice, kind, and loves to lend a hand. She tends to be too perky at times, too. She has a wild imagination and is very creative. 

She also loves bad weather like twisters, or tornadoes because she hopes she will be taken to Oz like her mom. 


Mary has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, pink lips and freckles. Also, in every outfit she wears, she always wears silver glittery shoes. 


Mary always likes to explore places and write her experiences in her pocket journal she keeps in her basket purse. She also likes to tell off witches at her school and tease them by telling them she will throw a bucket of water on them. 


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

How does Mary come into it? Edit

Another twister hits Kansas, but it doesnt take Dorothy back to Oz this time. When going out to check the damage, she finds a little baby in a basket, believed to have her parent's killed from the tornado. 



Dorothy Gale is the motherly figure of Mary's life. She (Dorothy) had taken care of her (Mary) ever since she was found after the tornado. Mary loves her mother very much and is happy to follow her destiny. 


Mary has friends, but she cant name them all at the moment. 


Mary isnt up for romance, but she has a crush on Hopper Croakington II. 


She has a pet dog she named Zoey. 


  • Mary's shoes are always silver
  • Mary has a bit of schitzophrenia
  • She has a big imagination
  • She cant say what she really means

Theme SongEdit


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