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Princess Marissa Elizabeth "Rissa/Mars" Stahlbaum is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is the daughter of Marie Stahlbaum and her high school sweetheart, Xavier Drosselmeyer (Drosselmeyer's Nephew), the heroine and romantic interest of the story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. A rebel at heart but not wanting to pick a side, she has chosen to be a Roybel, as she is a peacemaker at heart. Marissa doesn't want to resort to choosing a side but soon enough.. she might have too.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Marissa, a peacemaker, wishes the conflict would seize. She is good friends with Apple and Raven (more like pretending to be friends with Apple...little brat), which makes it worse as well. When Apple hang out with her, she always try to convince her to join the Royal side. Apple, as the daughter of Snow White and fairly close with Daring, always calls Marissa selfish for not following her destiny. Hopefully that's not true...

Marissa never refuses a challenge, no matter what the cost is. Whether she gets kissed by one of the 3 Little Pigs or go and yell that she was a Rebel at heart, she goes to her imagination to help her.

Speaking of her imagination, Marissa thinks imagination can be a blessing but a curse as well. Anything she daydreams, she instantly becomes stuck in that reality until she wakes up, either by someone shaking her or someone yelling fairly loudly. Sometimes she can get a little... deaf. It's royally not cool.

Marissa may look sweet at first, but she can have anger-issues as well. Duchess Swan is one of her best friends forever-after only because of her mischievous ways. If you get on Marissa's bad side, oh boy are you in trouble. Marissa has a little notebook of people who'd she like to get revenge of, which includes a certain puppet for spilling her secret crush on Daring to Apple White and Ashlynn Ella.

Marissa can be a little... precise when it comes down to cleaning. She is what you may call a "perfectionist" of some sorts. When she cleans her side of her room, Marissa has a place for everything. Marissa places her books on her organized shelves (vertically, not... horizontally! UGH!), her clothes in her closet, and her stuffed toys in her drawer, where nobody can find them!

Marissa comes from a upper-upper class family, as she is royalty. Her parents make sure she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants it. This makes Marissa very spoiled. What happens if she wants shoes from The Glass Slipper? She already has a credit card anyways.

Marissa is a true royal girl at heart when it comes to her favorite things. She loves N*CHANT, One Reflection, Five Chapters of Summer, etc. She also has to keep her grades up if she wants to maintain her father's pride. Marissa could easily get along with the royals. She does as well, but she wants to follow her own destiny which makes her at the middle of the royal ranks.

Marissa can give a lot of sass when it comes to someone insulting her. Or anything really, it depends on the situation. If Marissa really does not (or does) like the person, she'll give them a nickname that she thinks of on the spot. For example, Apple white is The Fruit. Marissa can be very nice as well though. She's like a tsundere, she has a rocky opening but once you get to know her she is as sweet as candy.

Marissa can be very insecure when it comes to her looks. She always feels like a doll, being passed around and being admired because of their looks only. Everyone says that she should be plastic, but she isn't. At the end of the day she judges herself because of all the dolls from her homeland, all plastic and pretty when she feels like she isn't. This is what causes the bitterness that Marissa always seems to feel.

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Hobbies and Interests Edit

Marissa loves dancing, but as The Nutcracker ballet is not her story but Klara Drosselmeyer's, she takes dance lessons as a hexlective. Marissa has taken ballet and pointe for around ten years now, which gives her skills to rival Klara and Duchess', but not Justine Dancer.

Marissa also enjoys baking. Whether it's a spelly salad or some snow queen cones, she loves to feed other people. This probably explains both of her part time jobs at The Beanstalk Cafe and Hocus Latte.

If Marissa could choose anything to become if she wasn't the next Marie, she would choose to be a violinist! Inspired by a famous pop violinist, she takes violin class-ics after school on Fridays with Professor Pied-Piper, who is a family friend.

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Appearance Edit

Human Form Edit

Marissa is a cute little potato. Standing at the height of 5’1, Marissa is short af. She might be even shorter than Maddie, but we don’t know her exact height (or do we? ;)). The only reason why she is this short is because in the fairytale, her role (Marie) is supposed to be eight years old. As she is eight years older than she is supposed to be, she got taller than she needed too. Over the years though, she grows one inch each year. This means that during senior year, Marissa is going to be 5’4. This is her owner's actual height, not lying.

Marissa’s eyes are a nice light blue, sort of looking like ice. Like if you take Zoe Snugg’s eyes and brighten them by one shade, that would be Marissa’s eye color. If she get’s pissed off and/or annoyed by you, they do get darker. Like, a lot darker. If you look up and see the night sky and how dark blue that is, that is Marissa’s eye color when she get’s mad.

Marissa’s skin is pale, almost sickly, to represent a porcelain doll. Since she was born almost a doll, Marissa does have a few cracks in her skin acting as birthmarks. Marissa usually keeps good care of her skin, but thanks to her almost being born a doll (yes that is my excuse) she is not prone to acne. In fact, people besides Marissa’s parents and older sister have never seen Marissa with acne.

Marissa’s hair is thick, brunette and uncontrollable. In her fifth grade year, she started to form royal blue highlights in her hair. These have fully developed by the time she arrives at Ever After High. During the middle of sophomore year though, she has also started developing pastel pink highlights, making her hair multi-colored and very fun. Marissa also had her hair grown out after her father let her go the week after Legacy Day. By the start of senior year, her hair is near her ankles. She typically likes to curl it, but tries to avoid using heat, as she knows that damages hair. Also, Marissa’s OCD mentioned in her personality? That definitely comes into play with her fly aways. She always has to have her hair slicked back and looking perfect. So Marissa always uses hairspray and sprays some on her hands to slick them back.

Marissa doesn’t really have a set color scheme, but the colors she wears the most are royal blue, pastel blue, pastel pink, white and black.

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Doll Form Edit

Marissa turns into porcelain doll with only dark brown hair (no royal blue highlights) going to her shoulders. She also has green eyes instead of two and her petite nose is still visible. She wears a pink dress down to her knees with frills and bows everywhere. Her shoes are pink flats

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Portrayal Edit

If Rose could have anyone portray Marissa in real life or not it would be Youtube persoanlity Zoe Snugg. 

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Zoe Snug, also known as Zoella

Fairy Tale Edit

What fairy tale is she apart of? Edit

The story begins on Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaum house. Marie, seven, and her brother, Fritz, eight, sit outside the parlor speculating about what kind of present their godfather, Drosselmeyer, who is a clockmaker and inventor, has made for them. They are at last allowed in, where they receive many splendid gifts, including Drosselmeyer's, which turns out to be aclockwork castle with mechanical people moving about inside it. However, as they can only do the same thing over and over without variation, the children quickly tire of it. At this point, Marie notices a nutcracker, and asks whom he belongs to. Her father tells her that he belongs to all of them, but that since she is so fond of him she will be his special caretaker. She, Fritz, and their sister, Louise, pass him among them, cracking nuts, until Fritz tries to crack one that is too big and hard, and the nutcracker's jaw breaks. Marie, upset, takes him away and bandages him with a ribbon from her dress.

When it is time for bed, the children put their Christmas gifts away in the special cabinet where they keep their toys. Fritz and Louise go up to bed, but Marie begs to be allowed to stay with the nutcracker a while longer, and she is allowed to do so. She puts him to bed and tells him that Drosselmeyer will fix his jaw as good as new. At this, his face seems momentarily to come alive, and Marie is frightened, but she then decides it was only her imagination.

The grandfather clock begins to chime, and Marie believes she sees Drosselmeyer sitting on top of it, preventing it from striking. Mice begin to come out from beneath the floor boards, including the seven-headed Mouse King. The dolls in the toy cabinet come alive and begin to move, the nutcracker taking command and leading them into battle after putting Marie's ribbon on as a token. The battle goes to the dolls at first, but they are eventually overwhelmed by the mice. Marie, seeing the nutcracker about to be taken prisoner, takes off her slipper and throws it at the Mouse King, then faints into the toy cabinet's glass door, cutting her arm badly.

Marie wakes up in her bed the next morning with her arm bandaged and tries to tell her parents about the battle between the mice and the dolls, but they do not believe her, thinking that she has had a fever dream caused by the wound she sustained from the broken glass. Drosselmeyer soon arrives with the nutcracker, whose jaw has been fixed, and tells Marie the story of Princess Pirlipat and Madam Mouserinks, who is also known as the Queen of the Mice, which explains how nutcrackers came to be and why they look the way they do.

The Mouse Queen tricked Pirlipat's mother into allowing the Mouse Queen and her children to gobble up the lard that was supposed to go into the sausage that the King was to eat at dinner that evening. The King, enraged at the Mouse Queen for spoiling his supper and upsetting his wife, had his court inventor, whose name happens to be Drosselmeyer, create traps for the Mouse Queen and her children.

The Mouse Queen, angered at the death of her children, swore that she would take revenge on Pirlipat. Pirlipat's mother surrounded her with cats which were supposed to be kept awake by being constantly stroked, however inevitably the nurses who did so fell asleep and the Mouse Queen magically turned Pirlipat ugly, giving her a huge head, a wide grinning mouth, and a cottony beard like a nutcracker. The King blamed Drosselmeyer and gave him four weeks to find a cure. At the end, he had no cure but went to his friend, the courtastrologer.

They read Pirlipat's horoscope and told the King that the only way to cure her was to have her eat the nut Crackatook (Krakatuk), which must be cracked and handed to her by a man who had never been shaved nor worn boots since birth, and who must, without opening his eyes hand her the kernel and take seven steps backwards without stumbling. The King sent Drosselmeyer and the astrologer out to look for both, charging them on pain of death not to return until they had found them.

The two men journeyed for many years without finding either the nut or the man, until finally they returned home and found the nut in a small shop. The man turned out to be Drosselmeyer's own nephew. The King, once the nut had been found, promised Pirlipat's hand to whoever could crack it. Many men broke their teeth on it before Drosselmeyer's nephew finally appeared. He cracked it easily and handed it to Pirlipat, who swallowed it and immediately became beautiful again, but Drosselmeyer's nephew, on his seventh backward step, stepped on the Mouse Queen and stumbled, and the curse fell on him, giving him a large head, wide grinning mouth, and cottony beard; in short, making him a nutcracker. The ungrateful Pirlipat, seeing how ugly he had become, refused to marry him and banished him from the castle.

Marie, while she recuperates from her wound, hears the Mouse King whispering to her in the middle of the night, threatening to bite the nutcracker to pieces unless she gives him her sweets and dolls. For the nutcracker's sake, she sacrifices them, but then he wants more and more and finally the nutcracker tells her that if she will just get him a sword, he will finish him off. She asks Fritz for one, and he gives her the one from one of his toy hussars. The next night, the nutcracker comes into Marie's room bearing the Mouse King's seven crowns, and takes her away with him to the doll kingdom, where she sees many wonderful things. She eventually falls asleep in the nutcracker's palace and is brought back home. She tries to tell her mother what happened, but again she is not believed, even when she shows her parents the seven crowns, and she is forbidden to speak of her "dreams" anymore.

As Marie sits in front of the toy cabinet one day, looking at the nutcracker and thinking about all the wondrous things that happened, she can't keep silent anymore and swears to him that if he were ever really real she would never behave as Pirlipat did, and would love him whatever he looked like. At this, there is a bang and she falls off the chair. Her mother comes in to tell her that Drosselmeyer has arrived with his nephew. The latter takes her aside and tells her that by swearing that she would love him in spite of his looks, she broke the curse on him and made him human again. He asks her to marry him. She accepts, and in a year and a day he comes for her and takes her away to the doll kingdom, where she is crowned queen and eventually marries him.

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Marie Stahlbaum

How does Marissa fit into it? Edit

Marissa is the daughter of Marie, the heroine of the story and is destined to become the queen of The Land of the Dolls.

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Queen Elizabeth

Marissa's Viewpoint On Destiny Edit

Marissa believes in destiny, she really does. She also believes in fate, but aren't the two the same thing? She know you're asking this. Let me explain it to you by having the destiny definition here:




n. pl. des·ti·nies

1. The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined

Fate is apart of the meaning of destiny, so technically Marissa does only believe in destiny right? Well, some destinies. Not her's though, her fate has changed. Fate is a key factor in destiny, and depending on a person's actions, a person's or thing's destiny can change. Raven Queen didn't sign the Storybook of Legends, which means fate has changed for everyone.

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Backstory Edit

Marissa was born in the real world as a real girl but looking like a porcelain doll. Marissa then traveled to The Land of the Dolls to grow up in the world where she would be queen one day with the new Drosselmeyer's nephew. She had an older sister by four years, her name was Emma. Marissa and Emma had a very happy childhood from the ages from the ages 1-3 and 1-7. Then their father started to have an affair with another woman and her mother found out and started to get depressed, leaving Marissa's household a broken one throughout her first and second grade years. Marie than got better and filed for divorce leaving Emma with their father and Marissa with their mother. Marie and Marissa became fairly close and throughout her elementary days, Marie had gotten married and had a child with her new husband, Frank.

When she got to middle school, Marissa noticed how pretty all the other dolls were and pretended not to care. WIth her broken childhood and all the girls at school teasing her about how babyish she was (they didn't care that she was their future queen), Marissa became bitter towards everyone except her family (Well, not including Frank) because she was broken. Marissa got plastic surgery, replacing her old nose with a new one and tied up with her new attitude, people became scared of Marissa. During eighth grade, she applied to Ever After High to get out of her old home and get away from her father and broken childhood. Marissa had gotten the answer during July and packed straight away. Then we arrive to Ever After High.

The first year was the most fun for Marissa in a long time. She made friends with basically everyone and was considered popular with a lot of people. Marissa loved the attention. Marissa was also friends with The Fruit until she decided that she was too good for Marissa, leaving her with all of Marissa friends. Marissa still had a few left but overall was broken again. Marissa started to act bitter again, leaving her with no friends at all. Marissa cleaned up her act to rise up in the Royal Ranks and did, going to around the middle. This leads to the second year also known as Legacy Year. This is where Marissa's story begins.

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Outfits Edit

Artwork Outfit
Rissa Wave 2

Signature - Roybels Edit

1.0 Edit

For the top of Marissa's nightgown, she has a light blue nightgown with hot pink eyelet designs over, has puff sleeves that cover her shoulders, and has a waistband under her breasts along with pink ribbons at the center of her neckline and at the center of her sleeves. The nightgown stops at the mid-thigh, the hem having light blue lace hanging off. For her shoes Marissa wears little slippers that you would wear to bed with white bear fur lining the outside of the entrance of the shoe for the foot (Is that what it's called?) and have a little wedge. Marissa wears little teddy bear earrings as well. Marissa's hair is tied up in pigtails held by pink ribbons  Marissa wears a white eyeshadow with royal blue eyeliner and a little wing. Marissa wears a light pink blush and light red lips.

2.0 Edit

This outfit makes Marissa more.. Marissa-likish in a way of sorts. Marissa wears a light pink peasant blouse with puff sleeves going to her mid-arm (not the elbow but above it) with little light blue thin ribbons tying around the end of the sleeve. In the middle of the blouse is white, translucent lace surrounded by light pink linen letting the girl/boy look at her light blue camisole. Marissa wears a mid-thigh length light pink bubble skirt with a light blue thick ribbon tying as a bow at the back and going around her waist, acting as a belt. Marissa wears light pink flats with a little white bow on the tip of the toe. Marissa wears her hair up in a center, middle ponytail curled and held by a translucent pink ribbon. Marissa wears very neutral eyeshadow (except for a sweep of royal blue eyeshadow under her eyes) with a wing of thick eyeliner with some false lashes and mascara. Marissa wears a light pink blush and has REALLY red lips.

3.0 Edit

Marissa, slowly but surely breaking free of her father's ways, experiments with her outfit a little more for this look. For the top, she is actually wearing a white crop top (against her father's wishes, screw you Xavier) with the words "Play with fairies, ride a unicorn, swim with mermaids, fly to Neverland" printed in royal blue on the shirt. The shirt ends at the top of her belly button. The skirt Marissa is wearing is at her hips and black with a light pink cherry blossom pattern. Her shoes, going back to her first year signature, are khaki wedged lace-up booties with fur on the inside. Marissa has a bag this year (shocker I know) that is a crossbody black leather bag with a oversized pink bow on it. On her wrist is Marissa's great-grandmother's bracelet in memory of her since she died during the summer between second and third year. The bracelet is sleek and silver with pink diamonds on each half way mark. Her earrings are pink-and-gold bow stud earrings. Marissa's hair is up in a curled half-up-half-down do this year, the half up part marked by a royal blue ribbon tied in a bow and on top of her head are a pair of black-and-white cat ears.

4.0 Edit

Marissa wears a crochet spaghetti-strap off-the-shoulder cropped blouse that's pink. Her bottoms are actually overalls with shorts. The overalls are navy blue military-inspired shorts, going until her underbust. The shorts feature rose-gold bow buttons in two columns going up the overalls. For shoes, Marissa wears pink wedged booties that lace-up with the laces ending with white pom-poms. For her purse Marissa carries around a pink clutch with a blue bow on the front. Her earrings are the same as last year, as well as her bracelet. Marissa's hair is back in their signature pigtails this year, but now the length has grown, going near her ankles. The pigtails are pulled up in high pigtails near the back of her head.

Legacy Day Edit

Marissa wears light pink high-low (the low part stops at her knees and the high part stops at mid-thigh) dress with a light blue ribbon tied around her waist, light blue sheer leggings, light pink wedged boots with light blue bows at the end of her feet, a light blue cape with the hood (outlined with white fur) up with `a pink ribbon tied in a bow on her neck holding it on her,  Her hair is in a Half-up half-down do; the half up part held up by a light blue ribbon with pink edges. Marissa's makeup focuses on her eyes which is a dark blue smokey eye with curled and mascara-ed (?) eyelashes. Marissa's cheeks are covered with a light pink blush and her lips are fire-engine red.

Getting Fairest Edit

1.0 Edit

For getting her fairest for parties or just going to bed, Marissa wears A nightgown-esq dress that is light pink and that stops at mid-thigh with a light blue teddy bear holding a wrapped present pattern with a royal blue robe with trimmed with light pink silk. For shoes she wears normal, light pink slippers that you would wear around the house for your feet to stay comfy. For her hair to stay out of the way since it is down, she has tied a light blue thin ribbon to stay out of her face.

2.0 Edit

Marissa wears a pastel blue babydoll-like camisole with cream semi-sheer lace trimming the borders of the cami. The cami also features a deep v-neck but covering the cleavage was covered with a little piece of lace matching the color of the overall cami was sewn in by her mother, featuring a little cream ribbon bow embellishment. The camisole also features cream polka-dots all around. Her bottoms are silk and pastel pink sleep shorts. Over all of that is a cream kimono robe with blue bows and trimmed by royal blue silk. For shoes Marissa wears UGG-like boots that are pastel pink and are faux fur. On her head is a pastel pink silk sleep mask with the letters "MES" monogrammed onto it. Her hair is tied back into french braided twintails.

3.0 Edit

Marissa wears a pastel blue and white elbow-length sleep shirt with the words "Life is Good" printed onto the shirt. The sleeves of the shirt are white, elbow-length and feature two thick lines of blue sported on the end of the sleeves. Next Marissa wears white silk/cotton/jersey fabric pajama shorts. They have a drawstring tie to either make tighter or looser. Over that she wears a cream shower robe with a hood. For her feet Marissa wears light blue memory-foam slippers with an open-toe. On her head she wears a cream and black beanie with a pom-pom on top of the beanie and a wink design stitched into it. Her hair is tied back into a side ponytail.

4.0 Edit

Marissa wears a pastel-pink crew shirt that has her class year on it (2018 if we're talking current time) and a white trim. For bottoms she wears gray sleep shorts with a ruffled bottom and a brown drawstring tie tied into a bow. Finally her robe is replaced with a plain pastel pink hoodie. Her hair is tied into a messy bun.

Hat-Tastic Tea Party Edit

Marissa wears a light-blue-and-black two-piece dress with fishnet puff sleeves and hot pink accents. For the top of the dress, it is mostly light blue with black polka-dots and a hot pink bow in the center. For the skirt section of the dress, it is being secured on the dress by a hot pink thick ribbon in a bow at the right hip. The skirt is mostly light blue with hot pink tulle under it. It has a picture of a black tea-cup on a light-blue table dropping, hot pink tea going everywhere.  This picture is surrounded by hot-pink-and-black polka-dots. Marissa also wears tights with her outfit, being fishnet and matching her sleeves on her dress. Her shoes are black booties with a light-blue bow on her toes. Marissa's hair is in high pigtails, both being held up elastics with a tiny top hat on each of them. The top hat is hot pink with a black hat band. Marissa also gained some new pastel light-blue highlights. Marissa's makeup includes a gradient eyeshadow of pink to blue, white mascara, white blush and red lips

Mirror Beach Edit

Marissa basically only wears a royal-blue striped one-piece swimsuit covered with light pink polka-dots with a black, sparkly overskirt held by a light pink thin ribbon belt. The belt is tied in her back. She wears cork wedges as well. Marissa's crown glasses are royal blue and rest upon her hair, which is pulled back into a high ponytail. Marissa's only makeup is waterproof mascara.

Wave 2 Edit

1.0 Edit

Marissa wears a pink sleeveless blouse paisley patterned sleeveless blouse with a white neck tie tied in a bow. Over that she wears a lavender waistcoat with pastel blue buttons. Over that Marissa wears a white boyfriend blazer with the sleeves cuffed up to her mid-arm. Her skirt is lavender pleated mini skirt with pink plaid designs, hemmed with blue eyelet designs. Her thigh high socks are lavender and translucent. Finally Marissa's shoes are black suede peep-toe high heels. On her head she wears a silver tiara.

2.0 Edit


3.0 Edit


4.0 Edit


Thronecoming Edit

1.0 Edit

Marissa wears a pink sleeveless blouse paisley patterned sleeveless blouse with a white neck tie tied in a bow. Over that she wears a lavender waistcoat with pastel blue buttons. Over that Marissa wears a white boyfriend blazer with the sleeves cuffed up to her mid-arm. Her skirt is lavender pleated mini skirt with pink plaid designs, hemmed with blue eyelet designs. Her thigh high socks are lavender and translucent. Finally Marissa's shoes are black suede peep-toe high heels. On her head she wears a silver tiara.

2.0 Edit


3.0 Edit


4.0 Edit


Spring Unsprung Edit

1.0 Edit

Marissa wears a top, skirt, boots and tights. Her top consists of a hot pink top with black daisy designs and puff sleeves that are white, with a royal blue daisy on her right sleeve. Mars' skirt is connected to her shirt with a belt of white daisies. The front goes down to her lower-thigh and the back ends at her feet, as it is a high-low skirt. It's mostly black with hot pink floral prints. Her thigh-high socks have light pink daisies at the top of the light blue sock. Her boots are ankle-high and black, with little daisy cuffs. Marissa's hair has a flower crown upon it made of daisies with the colors of royal blue, light pink and white. Her hair has also gained white and light pink highlights. Marissa has white eyeshadow on with mascara. She also has her signature red lips and she also has a white daisy painted onto her cheek.

2.0 Edit


3.0 Edit


4.0 Edit


Sugar Coated Edit

Marissa wears a light blue puff-sleeved dress going down to her mid-thighs. The top of her dress features a bejeweled Peter Pan collar and light pink cookies patterned onto it, the skirt being plain. Her apron looked kind of like this. Her shoes are light blue wedges

Fairest On Ice Edit

Marissa wears a high-low (the high part ending at her knees and the low part ending at her ankles) light pink dress. The dress can be separated into the top and the skirt. The top is a creamish-pink color with white-to-light-blue gradient snowflakes and two light pink ribbons acting as sleeves. The skirt is held onto the dress with a white thick ribbon, tying at her front. White snowflakes cover the skirt, with light blue ribbons like the breast cancer symbol also covering it. Marissa wears white ice skates with light blue laces as shoes. Marissa's hair is in a French braid, worn over her right shoulder and held by a light pink ribbon. She also wears a small ice tiara, which is REALLY cold upon her hair/head. Mars' face has a small, light pink snowflake painted upon her face. She wears a light blue, icy bracelet, which makes her wrist freezing as well.

Through The Woods Edit

Marissa wears a light pink capelet with white moons all over in different phases of the moon cycle and a light blue ribbon holding it to her neck. Her top is a white baby-doll styled-top, the sleeves going down to her mid shoulder. The shirt consists of a light blue full moon surrounded by light pink stars. Marissa's skirt is a light blue bubble skirt with a thick white belt (Looking like a ribbon) holding it to the top. Marissa's wears thigh-high white socks with two pink thick lines on the top of the sock. For shoes, Marissa wears light blue high-tops with white laces. She carries a lantern with a light pink light bulb and a white outside. Marissa's hair is in a side ponytail over her shoulder, with the hood of the capelet over her head and ending at the top of her forehead. Marissa's dark blue eyeshadow and red lips contrast with her crescent moon painted onto her cheek.

Enchanted Picnic Edit

Marissa wears a light pink graham dress with a royal blue teddy bear design in the white places. She also wears some wedged, pink-and-royal-blue high tops with light blue laces. Marissa carries a picnic basket as well.  Marissa's hair is loose and wavy with a little tiara with a blue lace agate gem in the center.

Way Too Wonderland Edit

Marissa is portraying an Alice doll (but more wonderland-ish?) in this line, as she does come from The Land of the Dolls and is destined to become apart of their lifestyle as their queen. Marissa shrinks to around 2"6 tall and her dress is neon blue with white laces on her corset. The bottom of the dress is frills everywhere with a neon pink trim. The apron ties around her waist and goes to her thighs, shorter than the dress which goes to around her knees. She also wears pastel pink thigh-high socks with neon blue stripes. For the finishing touch (and probably the least complicated part of the outfit), Marissa wears simple black flats. They almost look out of place with her wacky Alice outfit though. Marissa wears her hair in two pigtails on the sides of her head held up by big neon blue ribbons with her hair also having neon pink and blue highlights along with her royal blue highlights

Date Night Edit

Marissa wears a white heart-printed peter pan collared shirt with a pink ribbon tied in a ribbon under the collar. She then wears an overall pastel blue overall miniskirt with braces. The skirt also has blue tulle underneath. Over that, Marissa wears a white lace-trimmed crocheted half-sleeved kimono that's translucent. Her shoes are a suede pastel blue heel hell. Marissa's hair is in loose, curled pigtails tied with pastel blue ribbons holding them up.

School Spirit Edit

1.0 Edit

Marissa wears a red embroidered thigh-length dress with a bow on the front and a pastel blue belt with a golden heart as the buckle on her hips. Over that she wears a fuschia shrug with light pink daisy patterns on it. Marissa wears red wedge sneakers with purple laces. For accessories, Marissa wears a pair of light pink sunglasses with a purple lense on her hair, which is pulled back into a pair of low Dutch-braided pigtails. She also wears purple leather fingerless gloves and comes with a reddish-pink polaroid-type camera to take pictures of the tricastlelon. Marissa wears her signature red lips with a purple smokey eye. She has four dots of face paint, going purple red purple red, under each eye along with a purple and red doll face painted upon her face.

2.0 Edit


Tricastlelon Edit

1.0 Edit


2.0 Edit


Dragon Games Edit

1.0 Edit

Marissa's top is a light pink camisole with blue swirl patterns while accompanied by a translucent light blue high-low skirt, with the low part going to her knees and her high part going to her lower-thigh. Marissa's top and skirt are joined together with an iron belt-like armor piece that also rises up to wrap around her right arm, as Marissa is left-handed. The skirt has a white sparkly polka-dot pattern. Her leggings are a pastel blue-to-pastel pink gradient. Marissa wears some iron boots with chain laces to finish off the outfits. Marissa wears her hair in a high ponytail with a braid wrapping around it held with a iron bow.

2.0 Edit


Epic Winter Edit

Marissa, being used to the cold from where she comes from, wears a much lighter outfit than the others. Her outfit is inspired by an ice skater. Marissa wears a white dress strapless with pastel pink rhinestones in the shape of snowflakes all over the dress with white fur on the hem. Over that she wears a light blue-and-pastel-pink parka going down to her mid-thigh. On the hoodie is white snowflakes with white fur outlining the hood. She wears royal-blue-and-light-blue striped socks with light pink high-heeled ice skates with royal blue laces. Marissa wears a half-up, half-down do with the half-up portion in a bun. From the bun is a thin braid with little daisy pins decorating her hair.

Book Party Edit

Marissa wears a light blue dress with teddy bears and book pages being ripped out, as Marissa is secretly a rebel. Marissa has light pink lace dripping off her dress and her shoes Marissa wears little slipper booties and has a statement necklace. Marissa's hair is down and wavy.

Birthday Ball Edit

Marissa wears a mid-thigh pastel pink puff sleeve dress with frills on the bottom half and pink fishnet tights. Marissa's shoes are lace booties with pink socks built-in. Marissa's hair has turned pastel pink with a pink side braid in her hair.

SDCC Exclusive Edit

For this two-in-one exclusive, Marissa comes with one doll and two outfits.

First outfit tba

For the second outfit, Marissa wears a royal blue coronation gown with a sweetheart neckline and white snowflake patterns all over the dress. On the top of the dress, it is crystalline shaped with some off-the-shoulder puffed sleeves. Her skirt is separated into two layers. The top layer goes down the back and  has a light blue bow holding it up, making the bottom layer visible. It is light-pink-to-hot-pink gradient color and has light blue lace hanging off the end. The bottom layer is just royal blue and has white snowflakes over the bottom. Marissa wears some silver buckle-fastened embellished leather-textured sandals with heels to finish off the look of the main outfit. Marissa wears her hair in a French up-do and wears a crown of snowflakes.

A creepy rissa

Doll One Off- Creepy Doll Edit

Marissa wears a black eyepatch over her right eye, as well as wears a linen white nightgown with a creamish-pink kimono with bow patterns everywhere and some wedged whitish-blue boots with white fur inside. Her hair is in two braided pigtails being held by white ribbons and instead of having royal blue highlights, she just has normal brown hair. Marissa now has a few cracks on her face and elsewhere as well. Her skin is so pale that she looks dead and her eyes are now red.Her makeup is red eyeshadow around her eyepatched eye, looking like blood is dripping out of it. Her red lips have turned black and her red eye had very thick mascara on it.

I Know It's My Destiny! Edit

Marissa wears a light pink peter-pan collared shirt with a thin blue ribbon tied in a bow around the collar. On the shirt is a pattern of bows. Her skirt is light blue with a thick royal blue ribbon around her waist acting as a belt. The skirt is pleated with pockets. Marissa wears white over-the-knee socks with light pink stripes at the top. Her sneakers are slip on and blue, with pink laces. Marissa's hair has royal blue crownglasses on top of her head with her hair tied in low pigtails tied with light blue ribbons.

Garden Party Edit

Marissa wears a sheer lace pink mid-sleeved dress with light pink tulle under. The bodice has eyelet designs while the skirt has a light blue floral print on it. Marissa's shoes are white barefoot sandals with three light pink bows going down to her toes. She also wears translucent white fingerless, wrist-length gloves. Rissa's hair is in a braid crown, tied with a light blue ribbon at the bottom.

Parent's Ball Edit

Marissa wears a light pink thick ribbon around her neck. Her dress is a formal royal blue minidress with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice has a detailing of light pink lace while the skirt portion flares out to her knees in a sea of black tulle under a glitter royal blue skirt. Finally she wears a pair of royal blue suede peep-toe wedges. Marissa's hair is in curled low pigtails held by dark blue ribbons with a silver tiara with a sunburst design and a light blue lace agate gem in the center resting on top of her head.

Mr. Marbelieze's Mutants and Monstrosities Carnival and Freak Show Edit


Ever After Bros. Edit

tba (Luigi)

Yan Sim. Dolline Edit

tba (cooking club pres.)

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Rissa doyd

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Class Schedule Edit

(Includes what she typically does during Saturday and Sunday)

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Hero Training Muse-ic Throne Economics Honors FREE Hero Training
Throne Economics Honors Princess Design Kingdom Management Princess Design Kingdom Management
Magicology Biografairy FREE Biografairy Throne Economics Honors
Princessology Hero Training Princessology Muse-ic Magicology
Grimmnastics Grimmnastics Grimmnastics Grimmnastics Grimmnastics
Kingdom Management Magicology Magicology Princessology Muse-ic

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Marilyn Stahlbaum-Blacksmith (Mother)Edit

TBA (Being rewritten)

Xavier Drosselmeyer (Father)Edit

(Before being written)

Xavier Drosselmeyer and Marissa have a horrible family relationship. He cheated on Ris' mom, something Marissa doesn't take very kindly too. Then there's the fact that he disowned her too... now that that's happened, Marissa officially considers him out of her life.

Mason Blacksmith (Step-dad)Edit


Mila DayflowerEdit


Frank BlacksmithEdit

TBA (Being rewritten)

Emma ???Edit

TBA (being written)

Klara Drosselmeyer (Half-Sister)Edit





Jessica Looking-Glass DarlingEdit


Alicia GrossEdit




  1. iris
  2. Serena
  3. bai
  4. atharaan
  5. bianca
  6. elsie
Charmaine "Min" Lexwington Edit

Marissa's "boo" to her "babe", Mini (Min) and Mars Bars (Marissa) are pretty good friends. Met in the auditorium, Mars Bars and Mini immidiately hit it off. They constantly try to one-up each other in their friendly wars of rivalry. They also constantly flirt with each other (cue the "boo" and "babe" nicknames), and this causes the whole school to think they're dating while other people think they're dating other people (Spoiler alert: They're not). Nonetheless, Marissa considers Min to be one of her... better friends



  • Knussnacker, munchkin cat
  • Saint winglas, dragon
  • unnamed, reindeer

Romance ===

Makonnen King (Romeo and Juliet) Edit

Theme Song: Everything Has Changed by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift/Begin Again by Taylor Swift

Marissa's night in shining armor, Makonnen has always been ahead of her, no matter what. This dynamic duo of a couple could take on even the worst of the moments with each other. Although it's forbidden love (sort of), Makossa has taken off with steam and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Little girls can be naughty girls you know! Quotation2
Quotation1 Dolls can be boring sometimes, and you can't sleep with them! Quotation2
Quotation1 Look, I'm not saying that we should not throw away our stories, just maybe take a break from them! Quotation2
Quotation1 Make sure not to get on my naughty side, witches *giggle* Quotation2
Marissa acting like the cute devil she is
Quotation1 Headmaster Grimm number one is just playing all of us... like we're dolls! Quotation2
Marissa's old head quote
Quotation1 Monsters are real, and ghosts are too. Sometimes they live inside of us, and sometimes, they win. Quotation2
A quote that Rose found on Pinterest that she thought was childish but sad enough for Marissa's broken heart </3
Quotation1 To you I was merely a monster, and in the end... that's ALL I ever was. Quotation2
Quotation1 I'm sick of crying, let's do this! Quotation2
Dragon Games anyone?
Quotation1 You know the worst part of being a total jerk? People never ask if you're okay. Quotation2
Quotation1 If someone threatened you, don't say 'not me!'. Instead Dawn, say 'TRY ME!' Quotation2
Quotation1 Saving the people you love isn't a choice! IT ISN'T EVEN A CHOICE ATHARAAN! I LOVE HER AND WE HAVE TO SAVE HER! Quotation2
Quotation1 We all have two sides you know. There's the side you let people see and then the other? You don't let them. Quotation2
Quotation1 I could be your doll, valentine! Quotation2
Valentine's Day 2k17

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Timeline Edit

March 2016: The creator first discovers the EAHF Wiki and looks around, wanting to join the wiki

April 2016: Marissa's appearance and personality are created from an appearance and personality quirk generator found on the List of Resources page

June 4th, 2016: Marissa's page is created, making her the first OC the owner has on the wiki

June 21st, 2016: Marissa's Mirror Blog is created

June 28th, 2016: Marissa's Diary is created

January 2017: Marissa wins COTM

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Marissa Stahlbaum's Mirror Blog

Marissa Stahlbaum's Diary

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  • Marissa's storyline begins at the beginning of the school year, when Raven doesn't sign the Storybook of Legends
  • I'm willing to have Marissa be friends with other characters! Shoot me a comment down there and I'll reply as soon I can!

Credits Edit

GrimmsDePytheLover for the amazing outfit table! Thank you so much Grimms!

Aquamarinesandopals for the blogs about the the doll lines and the school! You rule!

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