Marissa ribeiro ever after high Edit



Marissa has tan skin and ocean blue eyes. Like her father she has black hair that is wavy like her mother. Marissa stands at about 5 ft. so she is a small little thing.

Fairy Edit


Marissa has many friends at Ever After High. But Marissa's best friend forever after is Olivia Swan.


Marissa has a talking fish from the tropics named Guppie. Marissa named him that because when he was little he was such a guppie.


Marissa has a boyfriend named Harry O'hair. Marissa and Harry met because of Olivia. Harry truly is Marissa's 'Prince Charming'.


Marissa's basic outfit is her favorite dress. The dress was made from the finest silks in the seven seas. In her hair, Marissa always puts a white flower and around her neck Marissa always wears a silver necklace.