Mariana Fins is the daughter of the little mermaid from Hans Christian Anderson's story the little mermaid



Mariana is the sassy head-strong daughter of the Little Mermaid. She tends to speak her mind literally Mariana can not speak until her story starts so she communicates though a magic shell she can also do sigh language. Mariana is very sarcastic and may seem pushy and/or mean when people first meet her but she has proven herself to be very sweet and a kind friend. Mariana is also very clumsy because she has lived with her mermaid tail for her entire live up until the couple of months ago when she received a pair of human legs to attend Ever After High however Mariana is prone to regain her mermaid tail when she gets wet.

Appearance: Mariana has long wavy red hair with green streaks. She has turquoise coloured eyes and light pink lips. Mariana is very pale because she has lived on the ocean floor. Mariana is around the average height. Mariana wears simple tight clothing (because she usually trips on loose clothing) and a pair of sandals however Mariana prefers good old fashioned sneakers but this is against the EAH dress code for girls. Mariana also sports a light blue conch shell which she talks though and when wet Mariana has a pretty blue tail.