Quotation1 Its sad being the only one in my family who thinks abuse is a bad thing. Quotation2
Margherita's quote

Hello! *chuckles* I am Margherita Lilman, daughter of the Coachman from the Adventures of Pinocchio! But, its just that i dont want to be the next Coachman! I have to turn poor innocent people into donkeys and let them suffer a horrible fate! Animals have feelings too!  So i plan to Rebel against my destiny and do what's right! I know i wont enroll into Ever After High until i am 16 but i would hate to follow a mean destiny! 





Margherita, or she wold like to be called Magara, is a sweet ball of sunshine with a heart for animals. She hates her destiny for she has to be mean and abusive to donkeys. Margherita is in the debate team and tries to persuade people to make better choices.


Magara looks a lot like her older sister, Islebella, but Magara has pigtails and blue eyes, and less of the circus coachman vibe Islebella has. 


The Adventures of Pinocchio

How does Margherita fit into it? Edit

Margherita was not born a donkey unlike her older sister, Islebella. The coachman had married a rich woman, and she had Margherita. Then the coachman took the rich womans money and turned her into a donkey. 



Magara's older sister is Islebella Lilman, who was chosen to follow the destiny as the next Coachman, who is her father. She loves to play with her older sister who is part donkey, by playing fetch with her, feeding her carrots, grooming her and calling her a "good girl". 


She is friends with Aubree Thief, who is Abigail Thief's sister, who Islebella hates. She is also friends with Rolana Candeliere.


She has a crush on a donkey boy, most people think its Larry who she likes.


She has 2 pet miniature donkeys named Sugar and Spice. She also considers her older sister islebella as one of her pets. 

Additional info Edit

  • She loves to play chess
  • She loves apples
  • She really wishes she was one of the donkey kids instead of the Coachman's daughter


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