Maledict Zashley is an avid roleplayer and a large fan of Ever After High who identifies with ze/zir pronouns. Zir usual haunts include and DeviantArt. Ze prefers to be called Zashley, though Zash and MZ are also acceptable nicknames. While Zashley is prone to formulating fanfiction plots from time-to-time, most of zir characters are originally made for roleplay purposes.

Ship of the Month Edit

January, 2015: Benoît Frollo x Tailor Swindlesmith Edit

Alternate Names: Tailoît, Frollosmith, Moral-Drifting Royal Shipping


Did I mention that Tailor owns a nightclub for future troublemakers and villains? I haven't? Well, she does. It's certainly a highway robbery just to get into the joint, but the load can be lessened if you're willing to work there part time- an offer which a certain Frollo boy has reluctantly taken up in his quest to find some extracurricular activities that will distance him from his twin sister. Tailor isn't entirely your typical Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but she's more than ready to take on that role if it'll get her favorite employee on the dance floor during a particularly slow and deceptively calming number.

(No need to fear- all of the drinks are non-alcoholic.)

Zashley's OCsEdit

Characters with pages can also be found at Zashley's Characters:

  • Adolie Soeur, Elder Daughter of the Eldest Mean Sister from Beauty and the Beast Icon-Rebel
  • Angelique Peau d'Âne, Daughter of Donkeyskin from Donkeyskin Icon-Roybel
  • Antonia Hakan, Daughter of the Emperor from The Emperor's New Clothes Icon-Rebel
  • Attinessa Duckling, Eldest Child of the Duck Mother from The Ugly Duckling Icon-Roybel
  • Aurelius Keys, Son of the Poor Boy from The Golden Key Icon-Rebel
  • Bastion Kingsley, Younger Child of Beast/the King from Beauty and the Beast Icon-Royal
  • Beau Duckling, Son of the Ugly Duckling from The Ugly Duckling Icon-Royal
  • Benoît Frollo, Former Successor of Jehan from The Hunchback of Notre Dame Icon-Royal
  • Bessavaria Oz, Younger Child of Ozma from the Land of Oz  Icon-Royal
  • Bookley Legend, Personification of Raven's Page from the Storybook of Legends Icon-Roybel
  • Brunhilda Snatch, Daughter of the Bandersnatch from The Hunting of the Snark Icon-Rebel
  • Buck Kid, Son of the Mother Goat from The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids Icon-Royal
  • Bylino Yaga, Son of the Baba Yaga from Russian Folklore Icon-Royal
  • Calla Lain, Daughter of the Chamberlain from The Myrtle Icon-Rebel
  • Caspar Scrooge, Son of Scrooge from A Christman Carol Icon-Royal
  • Connely Seamsmaker, Son of a Swindler from The Emperor's New Clothes Icon-Roybel
  • Cookie Crone, Daughter of the Candy Crone from Hansel and Gretel Icon-Royal
  • Cyrus Ghost, Son of The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from A Christmas Carol Icon-Royal
  • Dappatarius Oz, Elder Child of Ozma from the Land of Oz Icon-Roybel
  • Darya Obuvnoskaya, Daughter of the Slipper-Stealing Boy from The Little Match Girl Icon-Rebel
  • Drake Duckling, Third-Eldest Child of the Duck Mother from The Ugly DucklingIcon-Royal
  • Duncan Duckling, Youngest Child of the Duck Mother from The Ugly Duckling Icon-Roybel
  • Edel Weiss, Younger Daughter of the Snow Queen from The Snow Queen Icon-Rebel
  • Eira Maiden, Daughter of the Ice-Maiden from The Ice-Maiden Icon-Rebel
  • Emerald Château, Successor of the Prince from Donkeyskin Icon-Royal
  • Faux Turtle, Younger Son of the Mock Turtle from Alice in Wonderland Icon-Royal
  • Feathers Duckling, Second-Eldest Child of the Duck Mother from The Ugly Duckling Icon-Royal
  • Finn Witch, Son of the Evil Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid Icon-Royal
  • Gaines Goodfellow, Son of Puck/Robin Goodfellow from A Midsummer Night's Dream Icon-Rebel
  • Garretta Quirke, Daughter of Giselle from Giselle Icon-Royal
  • Grey Gryphon, Son of the Gryphon from Alice in Wonderland Icon-Roybel
  • Gudgeon Maid, Son of the Waiting-Maid from The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was Icon-Royal
  • Joel Frère, Son of the Eldest Brother from Beauty and the Beast Icon-Roybel
  • Jolene Beauty, Successor of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast Icon-Roybel
  • Joséphine Frollo, Former Successor of Claude/Successor of Jehan from The Hunchback of Notre Dame Icon-Royal
  • Leona Beast, Elder Child of Beast/the King from Beauty and the Beast Icon-Roybel
  • Mallardine Duckling, Young Successor of a Duck Sibling from The Ugly Duckling Icon-Rebel
  • Mariane Gothel, Daughter of Dame Gothel from Rapunzel Icon-Royal
  • Mathieu Frollo, Son of Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame Icon-Rebel
  • Maverick Leggs, Son of the Spider from Little Miss Muffet Icon-Royal
  • Myrtellie Sprigs, Daughter of the Myrtle Fairy from The Myrtle Icon-Roybel
  • Pepper Pan, Son of Peter Pan from Peter and Wendy Icon-Royal
  • Prudence Prince, Daughter of the Prince from The Prince and the Pauper Icon-Royal
  • Quackette Duckling, Second-Youngest Child of the Duck Mother from The Ugly Duckling Icon-Royal
  • Rocky Wolf, Son of the Wolf from The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids Icon-Royal
  • Rosie Epiphany, Daughter of Kai from The Snow Queen Icon-Rebel
  • Reign Daylight, Child of Little Daylight from Little Daylight Icon-Royal
  • Sandrick Claws, Son of Santa Claus from Christmas Folklore Icon-Rebel
  • Scevola Surgeon, Daughter of the Hand Surgeon from The Three Army Surgeons Icon-Rebel
  • Shivers the Snowman, Son of Frosty the Snowman from Frosty the Snowman Icon-Rebel
  • Skullivan Koschei, Son of Koschei from The Death of Koschei the Deathless Icon-Rebel
  • Søren Weiss, Elder Son of the Snow Queen from The Snow Queen Icon-Roybel
  • Tailor Swindlesmith, Daughter of a Swindler from The Emperor's New Clothes Icon-Royal
  • T.W. Spider, Daughter of the Itsy Bitsy Spider from The Itsy Bitsy Spider Icon-Royal
  • Volkova Wolf, Daughter of the Wolf from Peter and the Wolf Icon-Roybel
  • Young Death, Child of Death from Various Tales Icon-Royal
  • Zoticus Fate, Son of the Fate Atropos from Greek Folklore Icon-Rebel

Characters in blue are "top priority", which means that Zash has to hurry up and make their pages because they are mentioned on multiple other pages or hold close relations to a character who already has a page(with the exception of Duckling siblings who, for the most part, will stay second priority). Green names are "second priority" articles that are mentioned on one other page. Names left unhighlighted have the lowest priority.

A separate category for members of the Duckling family can be found at The Duckling Brood.

Relations Between OCsEdit



Zashley's Next Gen OCs Edit

May or may not receive pages depending on factors.

  • Paul Spider, Son of Maverick Leggs and T.W. Spider Icon-Roybel

Relations Between Next Gen OCs Edit

Familial Edit

  • Thorne Epiphany is the older brother of William Kid.
  • Little Leggs, Paul Spider, Nansi Leggs-Spider, and Arachus Leggs-Spider are siblings.
  • Beaudan Hakan is the older brother of Andon Duckling.

Romantic Edit

  • Lynette Beast-Beauty was in a previous relationship with Marshall Witch.

Zashley's Parody OCsEdit

Yes, they're going to need their own section.

Parodies with pages can also be found at Zashley's Parodies:

  • Annette Westergaard, Younger Child of Anna and Hans from Frozen Icon-Rebel
  • Dash Ryder, Son of Flynn Ryder from Tangled Icon-Rebel
  • Elsine Arendelle, Daughter of Elsa from Frozen Icon-Royal
  • Harry, Huey, and Hammy Fergulicious, Sons of the Triplets from Brave Icon-Roybel
  • Icily Frostpunzel, Elder Daughter of Jack Frost from RoTG and Rapunzel from Tangled Icon-Rebel
  • Irovy Malfoy-Way, Daughter of Ebony Way and Draco Malfoy from My Immortal Icon-Rebel
  • Johann Arendelle, Elder Child of Anna and Hans from Frozen Icon-Roybel
  • Rampionie Frostpunzel, Younger Daughter of Jack Frost from RoTG and Rapunzel from Tangled Icon-Royal

Relations Between Parody OCsEdit



Zashley's FanfictionsEdit

(Warning: May Contain Disney-Based OCs)

Most of these are upcoming and therefore may not have their own pages.

Tales with their own pages can be found at Zashley's Stories.

OC Timeline Edit

Prior to Ever After High Years Edit

Prior to Apple and Raven's Legacy Year Edit

  • Don't Judge: A Roommate Adventure
  • Tales From a Legacy Day Prior

Current Year Edit

Pre-Legacy Day Edit
  • Finn Witch: Evil in All Appendages
  • Mathieu Frollo: A Judge Without Conclusions
  • Cookie Crone: Not Your Cookie-Cutter Antagonist
  • Mariane Gothel: A Flower Buried in Bristles
Post-Legacy Day Edit
  • Post-Legacy Day Snapshots
  • True Hearts Day, and All That Entails

OC AUs Edit

Canon-Centric Edit

Trivial Matters Edit

  • Maledict Zashley's collection currently consists ten EAH dolls: Signature Blondie Lockes, C.A. Cupid, Apple White, Holly O'Hair, Poppy O'Hair, Briar Beauty, and Dexter Charming; Getting Fairest Raven Queen; Thronecoming Blondie Lockes; and Legacy Day Apple White. Ze is also the proud owner of a copy of The Storybook of Legends, The Unfairest of Them All, A Wonderlandiful World, Once Upon a Time, and the Ever After High Yearbook.
  • Zashley's initial goal was to become "the Baskin-Robbins of OC owners" by creating 31 characters. Ze has gone far beyond that goal by now.
  • Zashley is a huge fan of pairings that can never be canon...even among zir own OCs.

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