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Maestra is the mischevious and curious daughter of the Master Cat, also known as Puss in Boots from the italian Fairytale of the same name. She is ready to pounce for her destiny and always has a trick up her sleeve. 


In English, Maestra Stivali is voiced by Sofía Vergara.
In Latin America Spanish, Maestra Stivali is voiced by Jackeline Junguito.
In French, Maestra Stivali is voiced by Maia Baran.
In German, Maestra Stivali is voiced by Alexandra Wilcke.
In Italian, Maestra Stivali is voiced by Beatrice Caggiula.



Maestra is very headstrong and detirmined, and is also quite tricky to get alone with. You really dont know what she would do next. She always plays tricks to get things her way and is quite tomboyish. She is one of the only girls in her slaying classes and often picks a fight with Prince Charming boys. She is also very mischevious and often noses her way into arguments. She can also be very clumsy as well and get distracted easily. 


Maestra has tan skin and ambery yellow eyes. She also has a pair of cat ears and long black hair. She is the type to always be wearing a pair a boots in her outfits.


Puss in Boots

How does Maestra come into it? Edit

Afturr the whole ever after thing, the cat, who was now a rich lord, met a very money hungry feline and had kittens, one to be Maestra. 



The Master CatEdit

The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots is her father. She cares about him a lot and often does things to make him proud of her. 

Maestra had to fight for her destiny between her siblings. Whoever was last standing, got the destiny. Since Maestra was the fittest, she was the kitty who got it. 


Hannah Erinace Hannah is Maestra's childhood buddy. They always spent time together until they got into a pointless argument. 


She doesnt worry about Romance

Theme songEdit


  • Maestra is the feminine word for Master in Italian
  • Stivali means Boots in Italian