Madibith Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Underland.


Still Unable To Find


Madibith is shy, sweet and utterly mad.  She has many pitiful desires she'd never tell a soul... She is quite different at school to when she's in her dorm or at her house, since when she is in either of those two places she will lose it and go utterly and completely mad. She has a tendancy to talk quietley at school, and make cute noises such as "Squee" in the middle of class.


Madibith has auburn hair with a single, multi-coloured rainbow strip going through it. She has a pale complexion, and has a birth mark that looks quite like a sun next to her eye. She has pale freckles, bright, bright green eyes and is quite slender.


  • Her birthday is Wonderuary 21st (Febuary 21st)

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