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Quotation1 You should never say no to tea! Quotation2
-Madelia Hatter personal quote

 Madelia Hatter is the first daugther of The Mad Hatter and the older sister of Madeline Hatter.

Personality and skillsEdit

Madelia Hatter is the first daugther of The Mad Hatter and she is also the older sister of Madeline Hatter. Madelia's nickname is Lia. Madelia is a rebel because she is too Mad to be true, just like her father. Madelia's friends are everybody who live in Wonderland. Madelia is a very closed friend with Maley Ficent because they know each other since  they were 10. Madelia saw Maley criying about her father ran away from home. Madelia is a trouble maker. One time she poured some tea on Headmaster Grimm's new pajamas for fun on the first day of High School.

Appearence and styleEdit

Madelia has turquoise and purple almost curly hair and blue eyes.



Madelia Hatter is the daugther of the Mad Hatter and also the older sister of Madeline Hatter.


Madelia is friend with everyone who live in Wonderland but she is close with Malay Ficent.


Madelia has a Pet that's A cat with ginger fur.


Madelia would love to have the status for romance but the boy she will think she is to crazy (but she is).


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