Quotation1 Can't a girl have fun before destiny kicks in? Quotation2
Macy talking to Kitty.

Macy Clubs is the daughter of the Ace of Clubs from the fairytale Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Macy is quite the troublemaker. She will do anything she believes is fun. Macy has a good heart, but it's hard to see that, for she's so daring. Macy gets in trouble a lot, and even has her own teacup at Grimm's office. Macy is very persuasive, which is good since she gets I'm trouble so often.


Macy has pale, pale white skin and raven black hair. She was born with a black picture of a club on her right cheek.

Fairy tale –Alice's Adventures In WonderlandEdit

How The Story GoesEdit

To summarize, a girl named Alice dreams she comes into a wacky world.

How Does Macy Fit Into It?Edit

The Ace of Clubs was actually never mentioned in the fairytale, but the Queen Of Hearts' whole court is an entire deck of cards, so the Ace of Clubs has to be in there. So Macy gets to look forward to being just an unmentioned servant of a screaming Queen.



Macy's parents are kind, crazy people who love Macy.


Macy is friends with Kitty Cheshire, for they are both from Wonderland and are very mischievous. She is also friendly with Lizzie, which also comes with the bonus of not being decapitated. Macy is friends with Lily Ashen too, but they don't see each other often because all of their classes are different, except for lunch, and they sit with different people. She is friends with her roommate, Hua Mei-Xing.


Macy has a pet rabbit named Cleo.


Macy doesn't care about that stuff.


Macy has three main outfits:


Macy wears her curly hair down. She wears a white shirt with clubs all over and a black lace sweater. Macy wears a long white skirt similar to a dress train, and it's shorter in the front. She has black and white striped shorts. Heels with the same pattern are on her feet.

Legacy DayEdit

Macy basically wears the Ace Of Club card design, the top half her shirt, the bottom her pants. She wears the same Basic shoes.

Getting FairestEdit

Macy wears white fuzzy pants, a white tank top, and a white blouse.


"That seems fun!"

"You. Me. Red Shoes Dance Club. Tomorrow. Seven. See ya then, it'll be a bomb spell!"


  • Macy Clubs' birthday is July 27th.
  • If Macy had a theme song, it would be Trouble by Nick Blaemire and The Hustle.


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