Spin!Spin! Children your destiny is in my hands!

Maci just being herself

Character Profile
Parent Story The Merry-Go-Round
Age 15,i think.Thats when i last checked.
Alignment Royal Icon-Royal
Roommate Zita Mombi
Secret Heart's Desire I would love to open a childrens playpark,even if it effects my destiny
My "Magic" Touch I make things collapse if i wanted to...but i allways want to.
Storybook Romance Status Single.Dont mind the single life.
Oh "Curses!" Moments When i break my friends items by accident also I have been called Sadistic,Crazy,Insane I suppose thats what I am.
Favourite Subject Royal Reading and Grimnastcs
Least Favourite Subject Anything to do with science
 Friends  Maeve Le Fay,Evie McCurse,Martha Willis,Ruthy Maiden,Ivano Ignorance.

Maci-Go-Round is Daughter of the Sadistic Nursery Rhyme The Merry-Go-Round....



Maci is insane,crazy,sadistic.She is very aware of her destiny,and infact,quite proud of it.Maci wants everybody to know her and her destiny,she is also quite odd,strange you have to really dig into her skin to know her,her friends describe her as nice,kind and sweet we just a hint of insanity.


Maci has pale-peach skin,black hair in a spiky ponytail,often with highlights,red lips,she suffers from Heterochromia Iridum so she has one yellow eye and a green one.Maci is about 6"1.

Nursery Rhyme – The Merry-Go-RoundEdit

How the Nursery Rhyme GoesEdit

The Merry-Go-Round is a song with the same tune as "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush", but some notes are removed. The song tells the story of several children on a merry-go-round that—in a sadistic twist—collapses because so many children are riding it. The circle game that accompanies it is similar to the one for Ring Around the Rosie, as described below. This song is one of the last three songs in Grandpa's Magical Toys and is one of the songs on its "companion" audio CD WeeSing and Play as well.

The merry-go-round goes 'round and 'round,
The children laughed and laughed and laughed,
So many were going 'round and 'round,That the merry-go-round collapsed. The verse is usually repeated for a second time.

The circle singing game that accompanies these verses also changes by region, but the most common form consists of participants standing in a circle and holding hands, followed by skipping in one direction as they sing the tune that accompanies these verses. As the word collapsed in the second verse is sung, the group usually falls down into a heap.



Maci has a Mother,they don't really keep in touch.


Maci is friends with Maeve Le Fay,Evie McCurse,Martha Willis,Ruthy Maiden,Ivano Ignorance,Abigail Theif

Her BFF Is Ada Liddell


Merry,her crazy scorpian .


Maci is Single



Legacy Day

Getting FairestEdit


  • Maci is slightly-based of the Notepad from DHMIS.
  • Maci is deceased.


  • "Spin!Spin! Children your destiny is in my hands!"


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