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Lucio Melagrana is the son of the prince and the maiden from The Love of the Three Pomegranates, a fairy tale collected by Italo Calvino. 



Lucio has long auburn hair and blue eyes. His skin is milky white, which contrasts with his hair. He wears a red knitted cap, a T-shirt with a pomegranate seed pattern, and black short pants.


Lucio is a shy, sensitive boy. He suffers from hemophilia, which means he bleeds even from a slight injury. He tends to avoid risky situations. Lucio is especially nervous around knives since he's received injuries from them.

He's not very thrilled about his destiny because it involves being murdered several times and replaced by an impostor.



Lucio lives with his mother, father, and grandparents. He is an only child.


Lucio is best friends with his roommate Vaiiti Pivi.


Lucio doesn't have any enemies.


Lucio is dating Alizée Sirocco.


  • Lucio's surname means "pomegranate" in Italian.
  • Lucio has a pet wood pigeon named Cara.

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