File:Lorraine Thumb.png
Parents Story: Thumbeline

Age: 16

Alignment: Royal

Roomate: Pacifica man

Secret hearts desire: I want someone to just understand me im not perfect! I make mistakes daily and i have flaws!

My 'Magic' Touch: I have can sing very well so I can lure anyone to me with my voice kind of like a siren and I can shrink things with a touch of my thumb

Storybook romance status: Im not gonna change my destiny so i'll wait  for my story to start

Oh 'Curses' Moment: I try not to sing to much i keep singing and getting surrounded its annoying sometimes

Favorite subject: I love Che-Myth-Stry its fun mixing and matching things

Least favorite subject: Damsel In distresing my story doesn't need a prince to save me!

Best friends forever after: Pacifica Man

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